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Our Life with CGI

By Albert Smith, published on Mar 19, 2018

The essence of animation has touched everybody from 9 to 99 through the medium of internet. From movies to games- animation has occupied a significant place among the top. The pictures have been brought into lives through the mercy of animation. The word ‘CGI,’ ‘VFX’ etc. are no more in the dark shadows.

The development of the animation rises with the advancement of the motion picture that captures the real life. The CGI animation was earlier applied for 2D image creation. The dawn of the 3D computer graphics in the televisions and the movies embossed the bar of the computer envisioning.... (more)


Benefits of Virtual Reality Training in Boosting Education

By Albert Smith, published on Sep 19, 2017

Virtual reality training provides an engaging experience for learning and development in an immersive pattern. It is gaining immense popularity as it engages a lot of learning without spending a vast amount of money. It becomes easy to learn if the experience involved in it is easy and relatable one. Today virtual reality training is becoming widely accepted as it is spreading its wings in various sectors. The education sector is getting boosted with this blessing. The impacts are discussed below.

·Power of virtual reality

It is a challenging task to involve more students... (more)


The Different Advantages of Using CGI in Architectural Photo

By Albert Smith, published on Jul 4, 2017

Since the 1990s, the use of computer generated imagery was mainly enclosed within the realms of entertainment like video games, movies and so on. Not anymore. It has unfurled its wings now and has gone over to the realms of real estate and architecture because of the benefits that come with it.

And now with the inculcation of technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality in architectural listings, the use of CGI has gained more grounds. Anyway, let’s see the different advantages of using CGI in architectural photography in greater details.

CGI can save you a lot on shipping... (more)


Tips for realizing the 3D Visualisations that excite you

By Albert Smith, published on May 8, 2017

Humans have five senses- Hearing, touch, smell, taste and sight or can be scientifically called as – Audioception, Tactioception, Olfacoception, Gustaoception and Opthalmoception respectively. All these are very powerful things given to humans, and lack of anyone of them makes the person incomplete. The most important of them is the sense of Sight which allows your eyes to focus and detect images in the presence of light. All this is entirely scientific, and you all are aware of. There is another kind of "Sight" which you all call –“Imagination” which is the power of your brain to create, visualize,... (more)


Real Estate Photography And Its Key Benefits

By Albert Smith, published on Apr 26, 2017

They work hard to fulfil this dream and when it gets fulfilled the feeling of achievement, attainment, victory and reaching the destination cannot be described in few words.Hence when someone plans to buy their dreams how careful and watchful, they are regarding scrutinizing each and every detail. Exactly here the work of a Real Estate agent starts. He must understand the needs and presents them the solution.

Why real estate photography?

The big question is how to get that customer, who plans to buy his dream, in a quick, competitive real estate industry? How must you... (more)


7 Definite Reasons Why 3D Modeling is Considered Significant

By Albert Smith, published on Apr 14, 2017

One such example is the way through which 3D modeling has changed the world of construction presentations.

The idea is similar to pulling out a multidimensional image from your brain and represent it on a piece of paper in the same way you had imagined it at the start. All dimensions are left intact in the final representation even though the representation is done on a 2D surface.

Unbelievable; isn’t it? Not anymore! With technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality, the above idea has already become a part of our reality.

The introduction of 3D modeling in... (more)

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5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from PWAs

By Albert Smith, published on Apr 3, 2017

PWAs(Progressive Web Apps) are considered the new buzz of the business world. It’s a unique concept that acts as a bridge between the mobile apps and the website. They promise a host of good things ranging from improved speed to an improved performance to having offline functionalities.

Progressive web apps have also given businesses an increase in retention and conversion rates. So you see the number of upsides are quite high. It has in fact in fact revolutionized the business growth. But how can your company benefit from PWAs? Let’s see.

1.Progressive web apps have an... (more)


Benefits of Hiring Photographer for Real Estate Business

By Albert Smith, published on Mar 23, 2017

A significant percent of people would never do that. Here is the importance of photography in real estate.

You may note that thousands of houses get sold with awesome photography. But, you cannot deny the fact that a good photograph plays a significant role in deciding whether you want to buy the house or not. Keep reading to find out the plus points of hiring a professional photographer for a real estate business.

Why should you hire a professional photographer?

·Use of 3-dimensional animations: A skilled photographer can make use of 3D animation techniques to... (more)

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Rising Interest in Detached and Semi Detached Dwellings

By Albert Smith, published on Feb 20, 2017

Everyone wants a home of their own. Once you have decided that you want to buy a home, the question then arises – should you go for an apartment or an independent home? While arguments could be made for each type of dwelling, research has shown that more and more people are opting to look for detached and semi detached houses as opposed to condominiums or apartments.

While the difference between an apartment and an independent house may be quite clear, the difference between a detached and semi detached dwelling may not be quite so obvious. Therefore, the first thing to do here... (more)


How Can We use 3D Architecture in Real Estate and Commercial

By Albert Smith, published on Feb 9, 2017

The use of 3D architecture when it comes to the design stages of a construction project has become the norm rather than the exception. The tremendous advantages it has over two-dimensional rendering ensures that more and more real estate companies have started turning to 3D property rendering.

There are various 3D tools that are available in the market and quite a few of them can be used in the field of architecture. However, two of the foremost 3D technologies that are most useful in real estate are Virtual Reality or VR and Augmented Reality or AR. To understand how these can... (more)

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