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Too Much is not Too Good!

By Akansha Verma, published on Sep 29, 2015

In the process of striving for perfection, we often believe that doing too much and working too hard helps us in achieving excellence. The truth is that few things work best when we let them flow naturally.

The thought of going on the first date leaves butterflies running around in our belly and we ask for First Date Ideas from our friends to ensure that our date ends well. We plan everything from what we would wear to what gift we would carry to impress our date.

Also, we follow some Dating tips regarding the conversations that we should pick. But sometimes, the tips don’t work... (more)

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Some First Date Tips for Men

By Akansha Verma, published on Aug 21, 2015

How often have you heard that ‘first impression is the last impression’? Many times, right? Well, this expression holds even more meaning when you are meeting the person you met online and have started to like, for the first time. And you really don’t want your first date with that special someone to be the last one. So, all the men out there, the following first date tips will help you make a good impression on your very first date:

1.Good planning If being unorganised is your usual tendency, you may want to alter it for a few hours. Plan your first date well. Decide the time... (more)

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What not to do When Dating Online

By Akansha Verma, published on Jul 20, 2015

“With every mistake, there is a lesson learned.” I don’t know who said this, but whoever did could not have uttered truer words. But you know what? You don’t need to make one yourself to learn from it. If you are new to the world of online dating, learn from the following mistakes people have made in the past, and make sure you don’t repeat them:

1. Posting your best photo Posting unnatural/fake/edited-to-perfection pictures would be your mistake number one. You don’t need to impress people with your stunning looks. Looks matter, yes, but they do only to a certain extent. Rather... (more)

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