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Are You Really Covered by Investment Plans?

By Akanksha Agrawal, published on Oct 20, 2016

Over the years, traditional term plans have been replaced by investment plans in insurance. Investment plans are financial instruments which help in creation of wealth for future financial goals. The market is flooded with various life insurance investment plans and people buy as these as they not only give them life coverage but also help them in wealth creation. Thus, more and more people now are buying ULIPs and Endowment Plans over traditional Term Insurance plans. The survival benefit in such schemes makes them more lucrative than term plans and this is the main reason for people “investing”... (more)

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Child Insurance Plans: The Better Way to Secure Your Child

By Akanksha Agrawal, published on Sep 10, 2016

One of the reasons so many people panic when they see their children growing up so fast because they are not prepared to meet the expenses of their higher education. We spend so much time and serious effort in nurturing our children, imbibing good values in them and train them to the best of our capabilities because we want them to succeed, more importantly we want them to be happy.

Good education prepares a child on various fronts. Very importantly it makes him/her eligible to take up a desired employment. Getting a good employment early in your career is a great boost, firstly it keeps... (more)

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Things to Keep in Mind Before You Purchase Car Insurance

By Akanksha Agrawal, published on Aug 23, 2016

When the renewal date of your car insurance is near you start getting calls of insurance agents from every nook and corner. At times it gets really frustrating and also makes you confused from where to take the insurance policy. Recently, it happened with me also as I got my car insurance renewed this month. It is mind boggling when there are so many insurance companies and you are being approached for your car insurance from everywhere. On what merits should one evaluate a car policy is the theme of this article.

The major factor people pay emphasis on while buying car insurance is... (more)

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Defining Trends in Term Insurance

By Akanksha Agrawal, published on Jul 18, 2016

Most of the recent trends in insurance industry are based on increasing integration of technology in their business processes to reach out more customers, ensuring more transparency and increasing customer awareness and education. The era of technology start-ups is already roaring for past some years. Integration of web based technology has touched every type of industry be it service industry or manufacturing. Technology based organizations are disrupting traditional business models.

Keeping up with this trend many insurance companies have launched online insurance plans in the market.

... (more)

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Term Insurance: Your Tag Team Partner

By Akanksha Agrawal, published on Jun 8, 2016

An insurance policy that takes care of your family in your absence is just like a tag team partner that takes on your responsibilities once you are no more. It is that friend that stands strong with your family and strives hard to lessen the burden of your death on them. Term insurance should be a key financial instrument you should have in your kitty to make sure your family sails through the journey of life smoothly even when you are not there to row the boat.

Term policy is a contractual and legal relationship between you and the life insurance company in which you promise... (more)

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The Beauty of Health Insurance

By Akanksha Agrawal, published on May 10, 2016

The most important things of anyone’s life are health, wealth and relations. If happiness has to be measured these three things play vital denominators. Health insurance takes care of all three of them. It provides the essential ‘wealth’ or money to pay off hospital and other medical bills to restore ‘health’. A health-wealthy family often enjoys better ‘relations’ among themselves. Thus, to complete the circle of happiness one must ensure health protection for the family.

Health insurance plans can be availed with very affordable premiums these days. With so many general insurance and... (more)


After All its Health that Matters……..

By Akanksha Agrawal, published on Apr 8, 2016

One thing I found common in most of them was the priority they give to their health and well being. A healthy body is a great asset and works fine in doing are duty and help achieving our dreams. Healthy body aids in higher productivity. Health has always been the priority of every country, culture or civilization of past and present. The multi-billion dollar medical industry worldwide is testimony to the importance given by the society to staying healthy.

In order to stay healthy or treat ailments so many traditional medicine have also been revived like Ayurveda, Yoga, Acupuncture,... (more)


Do We Really Require Health Insurance?

By Akanksha Agrawal, published on Jan 6, 2016

Health insurance is no more a luxury or a fancy thing to have. It is a major necessity after food, clothes and shelter. Your well being is very important. It is your fundamental right to be healthy as stated by World Health Organization. It is certainly not a waste of money. Health insurance companies distribute the financial loss suffered by few people, who encountered with some ailment or injury, to a very large number of people. Thus, the burden of premium is very bearable. One must make it an essential part of one’s budget. Ailments don’t ask for permission to enter in one’s life.

Many... (more)


Keep Calm and Compare

By Akanksha Agrawal, published on Dec 3, 2015

Each of them, yelling at the top of their voice “My company’s product is best”. It is a headache for an average buyer to chose. Most of them blindly go for companies that their parents or friends recommend. They don’t even care to compare. They are so adamant and convinced that only that company would settle their claim and all the other companies would flee away with their money. Most of them argue that they should buy plans only from government companies as they perceive them to be more trust worthy.

But the reality is different. Most of the private sector players are dedicated to... (more)


Insurance Without Comparison is Crippling

By Akanksha Agrawal, published on Nov 24, 2015

We all want ‘FULL PAISA VASOOL’ for our hard earned money. Bargaining and seeking out the top thing for the affordable price comes very naturally to us. In our DNA has been coded to exhibit that behavior. Comparison is always a very wise thing to do to get the best bet. An informed buyer saves a lot of money than an ignorant buyer. But the fact is that we are more adept in comparing tangible products as we can judge them on their appearance, quality of material, artistic design, weight, finesse etc. But the same level of judgment is not there when we talk of services especially when we have... (more)

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