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Poem Four: Rehabilitation

By Ahsan Daredia, published on Nov 27, 2011

I slowly stumbled into a trance,

Though my life was no Waltz, just a casual prance.

For years I moved slow and drunken,

I've raised my ship from the dead, which was once sunken.

Around I spun in a toxic love.

You jarred my soul out of it's shell,

I slowly got closer to the edge, the cliff above the abyss before I fell.

My portions of mind, body and soul were stolen, used.

Even I'm a mortal, I no longer fear death which you abused.

You are no angel, neither human; you're a phantom.

I'm fortunate enough to have met you,

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Tags: love, intoxication, rehab

Poem Three: Summer Slumber

By Ahsan Daredia, published on Nov 26, 2011



Poem Two: our peace

By Ahsan Daredia, published on Nov 23, 2011

with God’s choice, you’re matched with a life

a simple lottery number, you are born into the very rich

the very poor

the simple middle. you ask questions but the answers are


a tiny prayer offered before a scarce meal

gluttony at it’s finest & greed sky high

our world becomes demoralized by the second

we hope

i pray

she withers away

he needs a casket

but who can afford one?

one human race

divided into many useless groups

who do you follow?

your mosque, your solitude

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Tags: peace, humanity, conflict

My Religion Terrifies Me

By Ahsan Daredia, published on Nov 21, 2011

Religion. It's a touchy subject. Instantly, it brings up many subtopics and views when brought upon in conversation.

Islam on the other hand, adds even more controversy to the debate as we live in a world of Islamaphobia.

It's a chilly night in Beijing as I'm weaving my way in and out a very packed aisle on board my flight to Karachi. I get to my seat after some effort. Every time I get my seat assignment, I secretly hope that it's someone nice and intelligent siting next to me; you know, someone I can make conversation with. Ah, 23L, here it is.

I look up to see a middle-aged... (more)

Tags: religion, islam, fear, muslim, paranoia

Poem One: places

By Ahsan Daredia, published on Nov 20, 2011

since you are unaware of your expiration date

why not live it up till the end of your fate?

with each and every breath you take

your heart beats, your heart breaks

you think of change

a generation divided

peace and war talks will always be one sided

flip a coin

rejoin with your race

sharing this earth

never seemed to be any worth

i suppose our time has a great deal to learn

for all of this peace we always yearn

but before you think its all gone to hell,

try and educate, all will be well

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Tags: education, peace, world, racism, poverty, development

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