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Things to Consider When Picking Out WordPress Template

By Adam Willss, published on Sep 3, 2014

Are you going to revamp your business site with WordPress theme? Do you have any idea about what should be considered before purchasing theme for your business? If not, then go through this post and check out some important points that you have to consider while buying theme for business site.

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11 Killer Tips to Improve WordPress Site Speed for Better UX

By Adam Willss, published on Dec 5, 2013

When you have checked your website’s speed? Do you have an idea that your website’s speed affects your UX(User Experience) and search engine ranking too? Your website shouldn’t only engage your visitors, but also ranks high in the Google SERP(Search Engine Result Pages). The bottom line is you can’t afford to have low speed site, so here are some killers tips provided after research that improve your WordPress website UX through it’s speed.

1. Reduce HTTP requests

Ensure to limit the counts of files needed to show your website. It is must to send the corresponding files... (more)


A Thought on HTML5 Geolocation

By Adam Willss, published on Nov 18, 2013

Different techniques are available for identifying the user’s location. Generally, WIFI or IP based positioning techniques are used by a desktop browser while GPS, A-GPS, WIFI based positioning techniques are used by mobile browsers.

For identifying the user’s exact location, the Geolocation API will use only one of above mentioned techniques. The user’s privacy is protected by the Geolocation API by authorizing that the user permission should be wanted and got before sending the location information of the user to any other website. So, it is recommended to users to... (more)

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