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By Adam, published on Mar 24, 2007

On the thirteenth of March, after a sold-out concert in Paris, the freshly acclaimed Klaxons came to present their long awaited first album "Myths of the near future" in Clermont-Ferrand. La Cooperative de Mai, the local concert hall, was first enlighted by the amazing Twisted Charm, with their ecstatic pop-jazz, eighties inspired music, as well as the charism of their frontman and the excentricity of their flashy slim fit jeans. Then came the four Klaxons who delivered an intense and highly energetic show in wich their eighties, punk and electro influences where crashing into each others... (more)

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Does circumcision prevent HIV?

By Adam, published on Feb 12, 2007

Circumcision is the ablation of the penile foreskin which covers the glans. It may involve physicians or nurses for medical purposes like phimosis, penile cosmetic surgery or cancer, but it was first practiced for religious reasons, essentially by the Jews and Muslims. HIV was discovered in 1986 among the gay community of San Francisco and is now a global health problem with 4.1 million new cases/year and 2.8 million deaths/year. It has massively spread in Asia and Sub-Saharian Africa. The hypothesis that male circumcision could protect from HIV infection is mentioned in several scientific... (more)

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