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Series of Vintage Fishnet Pattern Stockings

By, published on Mar 11, 2015

Pantyhose are sheer, close-fitting legwear, covering the wearer's body from the waist to the feet. Mostly considered to be a woman's and girl's garment, pantyhose appeared in the 1960s, and they provided a convenient alternative to stockings. Like stockings or knee highs, pantyhose are usually made of nylon, or of other fabrics blended with nylon. Pantyhose have many advantages:

In such a cold winter, what you should pay attention to is keep the legs and feet warm. I am sure this is exactly the main function of the pantyhose. Both these two pantyhose have the functions which I mentioned... (more)

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Dress Secrets Let You Higher 5 CM

By, published on Mar 9, 2015

I should said, perhaps it is the genetic that determine your height or the acquired environment result. As for the petite, even though wearing chic, when facing with the girls with long legs, they are still inferior. As it turns out, the height is on your hands! Stick to those wearing skill, let you higher 5CM suddenly!

High-waist double lines buttons jeans or skirt which are able to stretch your waist line, this is beyond all doubt! In addition, the double line buttons could cut down your waist so as to show your slim waist and reach the effect of higher in visual. So long as you get... (more)

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Fashion Men’s Items Fresh up Wardrobe this Spring

By, published on Mar 9, 2015

The season is ready to change, we are going to say goodbye to the cold weather, it’s time to pay more attention on the fashion show or street snap so as to get more inspirations of both the outfit and accessories like mens designer watches to fresh your spring and summer wardrobe!

After several years are prevailing, people are tired of the bright colors sport shoes, instead, the white begin to running rampant in the fashion world. In the previous time, most of the stars in the fashion show worn the heels, but in the recent years, the sport shoes become the amazing fashion item in the... (more)

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Change the Wardrobe to the Spring Colors

By, published on Mar 8, 2015

The spring is coming with the weather become warmer and warmer; it’s time to change the colors of your wardrobe now. No matter it is the mellow pink or bright colors fashion items and fashion earrings, so long as you have made full use of those furious spring colors to fresh your whole look. Look the following fashion icon spring look, you must learn some spring color collocation tips, and the simple and practical colors make you wear the sense of spring.

The main color: the bright and beautiful yellow + pastel blue

As for the fashion blogger Carmen Negoita, radiant and enchanting... (more)

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Learn the Outstanding Wearing Skills from Fashion Icon

By, published on Mar 7, 2015

In fact, there is no definition of the fashion, there are different comprehend from person to person of fashion. As far as most people concerned, the fashion outfit on the fashion week is unreachable. But as for the fashion icon in the fashion world, or even the people who are fond of the fashion, the fashion is just like the game, you could show your personality throughout your special wearing way. And the fashion icon in the foreign countries rely on the wearing way that common people unwilling to have a try or some bold wholesale fashion jewelry to steal the show.

Maybe you will... (more)

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Men’s Fashion Trend in 2015

By, published on Mar 3, 2015

In fact, the designers refine on every detail, the handsome men outside the fashion show is not a halfpenny the worse. From the clothes, shoes, handbag to the accessories like watches that brought from discount watch store, they control those details with high sense of fashion. Learning the fashion collocation from the fashion street snap is overwhelming trend. Right here, we have chosen the fashion street snap of outside fall and winter men’s fashion show in 2015 for reference. How to create the practical office men’s appearance and mix different style of the street fashion men look? You can... (more)

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How to Appear Slim for a Man

By, published on Mar 1, 2015

Not only women think highly of their body shape, but also men. When your body shape which haven’t been accent look fatter than the formal body shape. There are about three ways to make your body shape look smaller, first is moderate in earing, second, take exercises, at last, grasping the wearing way so as to transfer the attention. The men who are partial to fat should avoid those outfits which are too loose or tight, they will make you look inflation and unnatural, on the contrary, it will draw more attention.

Tips: as for the normal men, the shoulders are wider than the waist, so... (more)

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Cool and Smart Look for Mature Men

By, published on Feb 28, 2015

All of us known that would like to wear chic; the first step is wearing on the right way, according to your personality, body shape and ages. You couldn’t wear like a little boy if you are already 30 years old; instead, show you mature and manly throughout your appearance and accessories such as automatic watch. How to create the look that both cool and mature is the key point.

The check and stripe coat show style well for mature men. Put on a set of plaid which is full with the sense of Londongentlemen. The one with high quality and delicate tailor can show the creation’s different... (more)

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What You Need to Do Before Interview

By, published on Feb 28, 2015

There are many learning for an interview, just prepare the outfit and accessories, you should spend more time on. Besides, you should accent with digital watch, choose the outfit depend on different job and circumstance. Right here we will show you how to wear if you are going to interview the Artist, designer, photographer.

On the choosing of the outfit, I suggest that you should pay more attention on the texture, select the one which have abundant colors, such as light blue, earth tone and the most prevailing wine red while the shirt should choose the colorful one, so do the tie,... (more)

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Mack Daddy Party Diary

By, published on Feb 26, 2015

It is the party season; do you still annoyance which should put on according to different styles of parties? Then this article may be able to help you both wear beautiful and warm.

As for the girls who are petite but own perfect body shape will be easy to wear the jumpsuit perfect. Of course there are some tricks, a pair of high platform shoes, belts, womens bracelets, if you are simple want to look taller, then you are wrong, your legs won’t look slim and long enough, so long as you have added a piece of belt to the 1/3 place of your chest as well as accent with the accessories, your... (more)

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