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How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

By, published on Mar 26, 2015

As we all know, spring and summer are the two seasons mosquitoes exist the most. Mosquitoes are annoying pests which can infect animals and humans with diseases such as West Nile virus through their bites. Besides, the itchy feeling of skin is not a good feeling at all. To avoid mosquitoes bit, here are several ways you can keep mosquitoes away from your skin.

1. Insect-proof your home. Check your screens and repair any that have holes or tears in them than would let mosquitoes fly in. Silicon caulk, insect window net or screen patches work well. Use weather stripping to seal door gaps,... (more)


Perfect Collocation Help You in Workplace

By, published on Mar 25, 2015

If you are good at wearing, it is able to add more point in your workplace, do you believe that? Your first impression is of significant for the business and the first impression is mostly depending on the appearance.

If you work on the finance, media or office, besides the trick of wearing the formal wear and accenting with elegant watch like Four Leaf Clover Watch, adds a piece of delicate scarf, there are many wearing rules you should know:

1.Choose the one with the same tone of your outfit. If you are an initiate, then choose the one whose color is familiar with the outfit.

... (more)

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How to Clean Up Pet Hair

By, published on Mar 24, 2015

Cleaning pet’s hair is a must-to-do thing and at the same time, not an easy job. Hair from a beloved animal can be very frustrating when it finds its way into your clothes, carpeting and upholstery. Whether it is a regular hair falling from your pet or you use DELE pet flea comb for pets’ hair cleaning. Follow these tips on cleaning pet hair.

Using rubber glove scrubs. This hands-on method relies on rubber gloves and water. Put the gloves on and moisten them with a spritz of water. Wipe the hair laden areas in your home and watch the hair come up like magic. Rinse the gloves in a bucket... (more)

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The Ladylike Wedding Jewelry You Deserve to Have

By, published on Mar 23, 2015

“You couldn’t choose this style of jewelry as the wedding jewelry in your big day, have you seen someone wear like that?” People around you began to chatter, but you still have little opinion of which style you should or what you shouldn’t wear in the big day. Be yourself! There must be a perfect bridal jewelry sets that belong to you the following.

By comparison, most of brides would rather choose the diamond, pearl studs rather that other style of jewelry, as it turn, the big or bold earrings are just as beautiful as the delicate one.

Create your fine and slim hands with the... (more)


Multilayers Jewelry in Instagram

By, published on Mar 22, 2015

“The jewelry is too expensive to buy for us”, “would rather to choose the beautiful shoes and handbag than unimpressive jewelry”, “it is easy to be tired of wearing jewelry”, do you have the same feeling like the above? If yes, why not see those social icons in Instagram show their jewelry collocation, only three or four jewelry can achieve surprise effect.

The exquisite gold metal jewelry is the key point on their collocations, the delicate necklaces which have different length could wear on three layers, and the little open collar should be the best stage of them! You have better choose... (more)


How to Dress up for a Date

By, published on Mar 21, 2015

It is a good new if there is a date for you, but let’s face it, how to dress up for it should be an annoying thing for most of the women, so am I. if you recall, be clear what fit you well and what doesn’t would be the key point to dress perfect and in proper way, as it is widely known that the outfit send a powerful message to the outside and most of people know you first depend on your appearance.

It is truth when come up with the date; it always associates with the dress! As it is the safe pattern to mix with just about any occasions. However I deem that a pair of stylish heels worn... (more)

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How to Match the Denim in New Style

By, published on Mar 18, 2015

If you have pay close attention to the fashion show in 2015, there is not hard to know the 70’s style comes back in the fashion world, among them; the denim is one of the prevailing points. Go with the fashion is truth but how to go on the right way to create the look different from other common people is important, you should both rely on the special and cool accessories like men watches and the collocation tricks.

If you are going to wear a piece of classic style cowboy shirt in light color, how to match it? In general, most of the fashion men will choose to match it with the causal... (more)

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Hot Accessory Trends of Spring in 2015

By, published on Mar 17, 2015

Under the attack of the chic shell in spring and summer fashion of 2015, the clever way to be in fashion is starting from the accessories if you are not rich enough. A pair of flat shoes, a IT bag, belt and a pair of fashion earrings, all of those item are the accessories that with high usage rate as well the necessary fashion items to show texture. Therefore, when you are observing the prevailing trends of this season, the significant of the details should not be neglected.

Believe it or not, the flats are here to stay! As it is widely known that the heels become to decline little by... (more)

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How to be Flawless in Wearing Women Watch

By, published on Mar 15, 2015

Here we are not going to talk about the watch specialization, instead, just discuss the fashion watch. Whether you are understand which styles of watch will be flawless in you among the various styles or not? How to wear the womens digital watches in good taste? How about use the details of 2015s/s fashion show for reference and the wearing skills from the fashion icons on the street snap. What you need to grasp is not only how to choose the watch style but also which styles of watch is prevailing in 2015. Don’t get into a flap, slick through to see now!

In the fashion show of 2015S/S,... (more)

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Tips make Your Face Look Thin in Visual

By, published on Mar 15, 2015

How to wear could let your face look thin? Many people may be amazed there are some wearing tips that would be able to make face look thin! It seems that most of girls would like to know the answer, grasp the following skills, you could look thin and so long as you wear the outfit on the right way as well as make good use of the fashion accessories like fashion necklaces, it is simple for your face to look thin in visual.

V-neck shirt or sweater is not only the best choice to look sexy, but also be able to extend in visual so as to draw out the line of your face, as it can show the V... (more)

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