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My Place

By aaron7, published on Nov 20, 2014

"My place"

Sky, Blue Sky

Clouds, thin Clouds

Stars Shinning Stars

Big ol' Moon

Ocean, Calm Ocean

Mountains far into the background

Ledges, Grass Ledges far into the side of the background

Tranquil Night, Calm Night

In this place I fly with my wings

In this place I meet my Spirit Mother



Thoughts on our purpose and future.

By aaron7, published on Nov 14, 2014

I am actually writing an article. This is like face book or something... Anyways I can't write worth a darn so excuse me and sorry. I came to this site and I read an article on Doreen Virtue. The author seemed to (or I guess the author was frank) accuse her of being a fraud. I just want to comment on this. Maybe you guys can help talk to me about this.

I have beliefs, beliefs now that aren't really realistic. Some people aspire to be a construction worker, a lawyer, police officer, a doctor, teachers, preachers, movie stars, sports athletes. At first I wanted to be a football... (more)


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