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How to Prepare Your Best for NEET

By Aalia Hasan, published on Sep 19, 2017

NEET exams are one of the most competitive and coveted engineering entrance exams in the country. Several thousands of students appear for the NEET exams every year and just a minuscule percentage of them are able to crack the exams.

Preparations for NEET exams require meticulous planning and a strong strategy. You will also need to start your preparations well in advance. Some students start their preparation months, even years, ahead of NEET exams. There is nothing that can replace hard work and long-term planning.

Here are some points that can help you to prepare your... (more)

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Modern Ways to Ensure All Round Development in Kids

By Aalia Hasan, published on Jul 20, 2017

Parenting is one of the toughest roles to play. You need to make sure that your child learns the best and adapts to be a part of the society. You give him all the values and virtues, and hope he lives up to your teachings.

Parents must consider different factors that impact the development of a child. These come in the influence of school, friends, culture, and more. Below are some factors that will leave a relevant difference in a child’s all round development.

A good school

Chris Jansen, chief executive of Cognita Schools, reminds us that it is all about ensuring that... (more)

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Factors to Consider Before Joining Swimming Classes

By Aalia Hasan, published on Nov 9, 2016

Swimming is a great way to rejuvenate from a stressful day and not to mention the physical fitness it brings to your body. Earlier swimming was termed as only a recreational activity but now it has turned into a workout that people do to keep themselves active. This exercise is for one and all because it works on flexes and stretches every possible body part and muscle which in turn builds your stamina and flexibility. So, if you are a beginner don’t get scared of the excruciating pain that you go through in the first week. Are you not convinced yet? Let me give you some amazing... (more)

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Top 10 Tips to Become an Excellent Tutor

By Aalia Hasan, published on Aug 10, 2016

When an individual decides to take up tutoring as a profession, one has to know the mount of responsibilities which come along with it. Teaching different kinds of student’s one subject and making sure their concepts are cleared is quite a challenge. Along with students, comes a series of doubts which have to be cleared at the earliest, in order to prevent the child from repeating the mistake again. There are various concepts which exist in a particular subject and clear understanding of those concepts for the students is the primary duty of the tutor.

Here we present top 10 tips... (more)

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Learn Interpersonal Skills For a Better Career

By Aalia Hasan, published on Jul 13, 2016

nterpersonal skills can help in a big way to help you grow in a professional and demanding environment. Many of us struggle with making an impact in our career. Having a clear understanding of important interpersonal skills can help us overcome challenging hurdles and storm ahead. Interpersonal skills are nothing but the skill set that helps effective communication amongst various individuals. These skills are critical to work efficiently at a workplace and will also help individuals to emerge as strong leaders. Here are the three important interpersonal skills to groom and how these can affect... (more)

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