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Indian water for Qatar

By A. Powell, published on Oct 22, 2015

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has been working overseas for quite some time now. The Indian-based firm is now expanding its services increasingly. Water is a new domain for them to explore and to do so, Qatar is awarding them several contracts, including some in water, wastewater and sewerage construction. This is an opportunity that could really benefit L&T, and if the construction in Qatar is successful, will they become India’s water specialist of tomorrow?

Within the past two years, the global company has been expanding its business in the Middle East, for construction, engineering... (more)

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Political crisis in Denmark from the Piranha 5 purchase

By A. Powell, published on Jun 18, 2015

The Piranha 5 from General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS), was supposed to be a dream come true as the cheapest and best choice for the nation’s defense. Major military purchases are never an easy decision, but in Denmark, the replacement for the M113 armored personnel carriers is turning into a disaster. The Denmark Ministry of Defence announced its choice on April 30th of the Piranha 5 vehicle from the tender launched last year. The decision seemed to be based on the general consensus at the time the choice was made, but shortly after, details of the transactions were published and... (more)

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Armament Purchase: the eternal costs vs. efficiency dilemma

By A. Powell, published on May 10, 2015

With any major armament purchase or military equipment upgrades comes a struggle for policy and military decision makers: having to fulfill the need to provide troops with the best available, combat-proven and efficient equipment, while compromising with defense budgets and considering the general public’s acceptance of military spending. Making the choice is hard; making the right choice is even harder.

In 2014, the U.S. Congress cut $492 million in budget at the request of the White House for the U.S. Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle, the GCV. The program, which was supposed to... (more)

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