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Ecology: the carbon footprint of a cashless society

By A_Pietro, published on Jan 29, 2018

One of these evolutions is the slow demise of paper money, as it is gradually replaced with electronic payment methods. But it turns out that, on the environmental level, new isn’t necessarily better. With the disappearance of the old-school banknote, comes a massive energy bill.

The cashless revolution is making slow but steady progress around the world, both developed and developing. As countries get more and more equipped with payment terminals and smartphones, customers naturally resort more and more to cashless payments. The ten most cashless countries in the world,... (more)

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Game over for the Stryker / Piranha 3?

By A_Pietro, published on Jun 8, 2016

It’s hard to tell what exactly is going on with the Piranha vehicle. It would appear that the time has come, today, for the Piranha 3 vehicles to be phased out, but that’s a problem, in itself. When so much noise was made just a few years ago, to ensure that the Piranha 3 would meet tactical requirements for decades to come, it is politically slippery to retire them so soon. Which is probably why industrials and army officials are being so quiet about it.

Piranha 3 comes from a long way since the first one ran. And yet, it could be in the race for the new 8x8 fighting vehicle which General... (more)

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To what point will we dematerialize money?

By A_Pietro, published on Jun 5, 2014

The arguments in favour of the disappearance of physical money are many, and they usually stem from entities, such as lobbies and companies, which hold specific interests in other types of money. In the light of recent trends, one might think that these champions are in the process of becoming victorious. But it’s not going to happen. No matter how effective the assaults governments launch against bitcoins, they keep re-appearing.As a non-governmental currency, it is the most dematerialized form of money we have. Is it possible that it would, one day, be embodied by actual bit coins and bit... (more)

Tags: economy, finance, money, banking, banknotes, states

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