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Women in Hardy's Novels: Far From What Might be Expected!

By A. A. Abrahami, published on Mar 3, 2007

I’m in love with Thomas Hardy’s painstakingly thorough understanding of the lower-class Victorian femme. First, to explain why, I’ll compare him to one of my least favorite authors: Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway’s prose lacks substance due to his inability to describe emotions…at all. In general, his style is minimal and straightforward. Moreover, it’s plain. The bulk of his text is characterized by simple sentences and few adverbs or adjectives. His approach to dialogue is concise and fairly vivid, as he was principally skilled in describing places, actions, etc. Overall, his writing... (more)

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A Wonderful Director at His Best

By A. A. Abrahami, published on Oct 15, 2006

Along with John Waters and Terry Zwigoff, Burton is certainly one of a kind. It hit me yesterday after having watched the ’94 cult classic “Ed Wood” for what must have been my eighteenth or nineteenth time (now that I finally own it, I’m free to watch it whenever I so choose). This man is a genius. I mean, in all honesty, who in their creative mind would have ever attempted a biopic based on the life of the proclaimed worst director of all time? Behold: Burton’s trademark enthusiasm for the freakishly bizarre, intertwined with a stylistic affinity for the dark comedy genre generates... (more)

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Face the Music, Not the Prices

By A. A. Abrahami, published on Jul 11, 2006

It was no longer than a year ago that the American Supreme Court ruled in favor of the entertainment industry in MGM v. Grokster, a public indictment showcasing the classic battle between capitalist fascists and a general public refusing to pay for a pricey, yet poorly organized, product. Can you blame them?

I will admit that I am guilty of illegal downloading, mostly as a result of the ridiculously high prices that the record labels force me, the consumer, to pay for an album that has twelve tracks from which I might enjoy listening to only one or two.

The music industry is facing... (more)

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