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By -YumnaU., published on Nov 12, 2010

When you kick the ball,

there's a passion I feel.

The moment you raise your both hands,

there's a connection in real.

What I feel for you is something rare.

A feeling someone else just cannot share.

Your smile, your tears, I have seen it all.

Yet there's nothing I find,

which can make me fall.

You're the first man who entered my dreams.

A picture of you is what I always keep.

Others call me crazy, some stupid.

But what I feel is not the game of a cupid.

You're special to me in my own simple way.

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By -YumnaU., published on Oct 22, 2010

So much going on in my mind.

Yet not a single soul I can find.

To pour my mind as words with feel.

But these wounds are wounds I cannot heal.

An attempt of cure causes a burn.

From which I just cannot run.

It's simple english translating my state.

With a hope of a fateful fate.




By -YumnaU., published on Oct 21, 2010

I don't wanna go in a world of fantasies.

Yet seeing your face is like a ticket.

I don't wanna indulge in crazy dreams.

And then you put me to sleep.

I don't wanna get addicted to you

but here you prove to be like caffeine.

Prove me wrong for once, wake me up.

Show me you're something more than a dream.

Here you hold my hand and walk with me... in my dreams.



A new path.

By -YumnaU., published on Oct 14, 2010

And these are the days when I wish to be somewhere far away from home

these are the days when I wish for something that I don't even know.

But it's true you get what you sow,

hence I'm forced to sit in this boat and row.

Somewhere, where I can be different.

And create my own unique pigment.

I know this aint going to be easy.

Nor do I call it difficult.

It's just different to which I wish to adopt,

and not to get lost.

Lost in it's wilderness.

With no light of forgiveness.




By -YumnaU., published on Oct 4, 2010

What should a person do

when its ownself abandons you..

Who should it turn to

when its ownself is turning blue?

You end up getting scared

when the never-ending tears turn dry

And then you fear..

Who are you turning into?

Are their any feelings left

or all those are a victim of theft?

Theft of your soul, your mind

your inner self, you can no longer find

Who are you going to turn to then

Who can save you from your own self?




By -YumnaU., published on Oct 4, 2010


High or low

If thats what you want to do


If that's only whats left to do

To escape your reality

dreams.. mind.. life..

To escape what you've become

To escape what you're about to

Or just do it for the love of it

Do it for the sake of it

Do it like you mean it


high above in the sky



This isn't love.

By -YumnaU., published on Sep 27, 2010

He doesn’t need her

He doesn’t feel her

He says it is a struggle love that they got..

She says it is not love- not at all.

Honestly, she swears,

I gave my all. My peace, my heart,

And had the greatest fall.

Yet he was nothing like she thought.

He proved just like the ones who broke it

And he broke it most of all.

Broke her heart so none of it is left

To even say the word love

At all.




By -YumnaU., published on Sep 23, 2010

That girl right behind me

The camera right beside me

The tabs that are opened

Or soon will be open

The yogurt I am having

The flip flops I am wearing

The letters forming a word

And the words themselves

Each has a tale of their own to tell.

Does this happen with everyone?

Or am I becoming too observant?

Whatever I have excelled in,

I just hope it is not something called being crazy.



The beginning.

By -YumnaU., published on Sep 22, 2010

Joining this site and going through random articles the talented writers have posted, the first thought that struck me while I sat down to write one of my own, was, whether to be AS sophisticated, as composed as you all? Then another thought made its place in my mind which brought realization that I can write one, two or perhaps more than that being you all but one cannot fake all the time. Therefore here I am, writing an article that I hope will be admired in my own random style-cannot call myself sophisticated nor the opposite. I am a blend of all. As a person says, it mostly depends on one’s... (more)


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