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By -YumnaU., published on Jan 12, 2011

And I might never know the reasons,

the reasons for my illusions.

For my dreaming.

Cause in the end,

what matters is the reality.

Not dreams.




By -YumnaU., published on Jan 10, 2011

You know my secrets.

I know yours.

Together we'll keep it.

Never will the world find out.

What's mine, is yours.

And yours, is mine.

Together we'll share this thing so divine.

Let them envy.

We shall not care.

For what we have, cannot be theirs.

I see their eyes questioning mine.

But I never will break the oath so fine.

Looking in the mirror, yes I say,

you keep my secret and I'll keep yours.

Never will the world know,

there is no you, but only I.



Wounded ground.

By -YumnaU., published on Jan 10, 2011

Lying down,

trying to think.

Think of ways to pen down my living emotions.

Or rather call them buried deep.

Deep within my heart.

Through the hole,

they pierce their way towards me.

I drown for a moment

and get saved in the other.

Not even even waiting for me to choose the latter.

What would happen if water takes over my pores?

Filling my wounds with its tasteless core.

Maybe this will quench the thirsty heart of mine.

Maybe this will dissolve the salt of my tears.

Maybe is what it relies upon.

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Lost. And. Found.

By -YumnaU., published on Dec 28, 2010

I am tired.

Drained out of energy.

Teardrops have left their stain on my cheek.

A splash of water, is all it needs.

That water ain't gonna walk towards me.

Nor my legs are ready to surrender to the need.

No songs, no memory is giving me the hope.

Clinching which I can get down this slope.

Helpless. And weak, is all I feel.

That's when I get down to kneel.

Before my God.

Before my Creator.

Proving myself to be as selfish as before.

And He proving Himself to be The Greatest as before.

I find the... (more)


Behind the shield.

By -YumnaU., published on Dec 25, 2010

I wear a shield.

From you.

I wear a shield.

From the world.

I wear a shield.

From myself.

I am safe and sound.

Try not disturbing.

I discover myself when hidden.

Don't un-shield me.

I might crumble.

I might die. Or worse?

I might have expectations, you'll never provide.


I wear a shield.

From you.

From the world.

And me.



Dream strong.

By -YumnaU., published on Dec 17, 2010

My turn flies away.

Comes and goes, like it never came.

I look above,

and pray to God.

To ask for strength and a better morn'.

How to deal,

is what you don't have to learn.

What to deal,

is something you need to put your ear on.

I strive. I fall.

I learn to crawl.

Sooner or later, bad days will be gone.

Keep your faith.

Don't lose your dignity.

The miracle you expect, will be bestowed endlessly.

You're pure.

It's the thoughts that need to be cured.

The raging storm will be... (more)



By -YumnaU., published on Dec 9, 2010

My tears shout my unspoken words.

I wonder if the wind carries them to you?

My thoughts are all dream-like.

I hope they all turn to be true.

It's a conflict between the heart and brain.

Problem? -Both mentions only your name.

Brain wants to go numb.

The heart has suffered alot.

The pair has left me deserted.

Which way should I opt for now?

Your way. Your way. And only your way,

is what the fading senses leave.

Like a caged bird, I need you to set my closed up self free.

Forget the conequences, lets mention... (more)


Raise Your Voice.

By -YumnaU., published on Dec 7, 2010

I can deal with all the pain.

Smile with no shelter in this pouring rain.

Weakly but raise a voice.

Not once or twice but thrice.

Though when a part of me fights.

I feel a fire.

That crashes and burns.

Destroys my turn.

Turn of extinguishing the fire.

Replacing it with something I desire.

But it is my time to rise.

To kill the fire with ice.

The wrong has to end.

Correct has to begin.

It's never too late.

To change your fate.

Act now.

Alter tomorrow.



Fear not but learn.

By -YumnaU., published on Nov 28, 2010

No moon can be seen.

It's a dark night.

Let the stars take the role.

And brighten your life.

Don't miss what itself is missing.

Treasure the pearl that is hidden.

This will give, what you need the most.

The courage, the passion and a ray of hope.

Time to learn the lessons have arrived.

Look back and fear not to enter the present.

Correct the mistakes and make your life pleasant.



Sleepy eyes.

By -YumnaU., published on Nov 12, 2010

Sleepy eyes.

Don't tell no lies.

All they desire,

is a bed not fire.

Waiting for the time.

When they no longer have to pen these rhymes.

But close the lids.

And be a normal kid.

A moment of reality check;

I'm 18 no longer a kid, O' heck!

Still the lids are going to be closed.

A single year cannot be my dose.

Senseless is what I sound I think.

I'm sleepy eyes, let me blink!

I can write what I might.

But I'm not here to fight.

Try to get me right.

I'm just a pair of sleepy eyes!... (more)


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