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By -YumnaU., published on Mar 7, 2011

How a person becomes a piece of your puzzled heart.

Without which you're left torn apart.

A part of your family, happiness.

A day without whom seems incomplete.

God help you to achieve all your goals.

Cause a soul like you deserves so much more.

I never knew I'd love someone who entered a stranger,

but became like a lost but meant to be our brother.

Dedicated to my Nayel bhai (meaning brother), I love you more than I can ever write\say\express. You know me well enough to know I'd rarely say it to your face.

And I'm gonna miss you... (more)



By -YumnaU., published on Mar 2, 2011

I'm just spitting the words.

Cause they stung my tounge.

Prick my fingers.

Hence they lie scattered all infront of you.

Like a bizarre puzzled puzzle.

Makes me want to hide and cuddle.

In a ball, with my face shielded from you all.

Cause failure is what I dread.

Holding onto you, is like holding a broken thread.

Saying I don't wanna put my life on stake,

will be a mistake.

As the visuals my mind makes,

is a road you don't wanna take.

Too early but too late for me.

On a no way back, filled with... (more)


Let's run away

By -YumnaU., published on Mar 2, 2011

Is running away really a solution or a problem? I have heard of many incidents or watched in movies where a girl or a boy run away due to whatever circumstances. But what I want to know is, is that a true solution? Is your family such a torment for you that you think you can live happily without them? Or, is your family really incapable of understanding you?

That might be the case in SOME cases. But still, running away never ERADICATES an issue. You are just closing a section of your mind, making it numb and using your legs to flee somewhere else. You have left the problem behind, not... (more)



By -YumnaU., published on Feb 25, 2011

You think I'm stupid?

To fall for your dumb acts.

Want me to buy your shit?

Make it worthy enough to bring it before me.

You were a part of my heart.

Stop compelling me to tear it apart.

Give memories I'll cherish.

Not the ones causing me to perish.

Perish the bond we took an oath of.

"Please don't hate me,"

Your words to be exact.

I'll just L.O.L at that.




By -YumnaU., published on Feb 15, 2011


It just burns in my blood.

flows in my veins.

fries the heart.

kicks the lungs.

punches the muscles.

Not my fault if people in front become the victim.

I'm innocent.




By -YumnaU., published on Feb 11, 2011

I'd go drunk

Only if the very idea didn't disgust me

I'd go drunk

Only if it did something good a non-drunk can't.

I'm telling you I'd go drunk

If it promises happiness.

I'd go drunk

Only if it soothes my pain

I'd go drunk

Only if it gives me consciousness.

I'd go drunk..

Only if I was drunk.




By -YumnaU., published on Feb 6, 2011

Not to think about you,

is what I want to do.

Thinking about you,

is what I'm used to do.

This habit, I don't want to break.

It leads the tears to stream down my face.

Though people can't see.

Through the smiled mask.

Behind which hide

the tears of a clown.




By -YumnaU., published on Feb 2, 2011

I am a walking script.

A script such that noone can read.

sometimes loving, sometimes hating.

But this script never changes.

What changes, is me.

My surroundings. And the people are always the first ones.

This script is the story of my life.

I'm the actor.

You are the audience.

Co-actors have no role.


I'm left all alone.



My world a dream

By -YumnaU., published on Jan 29, 2011

I close my eyes to open them,

as the world I fit in,

accepts me then.


Is nowhere to be seen.

And right just can't be unseen.

Happiness is the sky.

Comfort the ground.

You need no bed with the world so sound.

Rivers are sparkling blue.

And smile is on your face mimicking a glue.

Don't know where you are?

So here's a clue.

I'm living my dreams,

including you.



Defining myself.

By -YumnaU., published on Jan 19, 2011

If I'm not realistic,

then here I don't belong.

My dreams are my feet.

My imagination my eyes.

What's left of me is completely undefined.

I discover myself not through the mirror on the wall.

But the mirror in your eyes.

If they tell me wrong.

It's the fault of their lies.



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