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What Can We Learn From The Airport Business Model?

By Editor, published on Mar 24, 2017

The majority of people see airports as a transportation venue, like a train or bus station, but for commercial planes. What we don’t tend to think about is that airports are actually businesses looking to make money. There are big business fat cats behind the scenes constantly look at different ways in which they can make their airports profitable.

So, how do they do it? This is what we will concern ourselves with in the following article. We want to show you how most airports make their money. Why? Because it’s actually extremely interesting as not a lot of people think about this topic...

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Volkswagen Keep Their Cards Close To Their Chest On Fuel Eco

By Editor, published on Mar 23, 2017

The Volkswagen Group has had a very bumpy ride over the past two years to say the least, but things are finally starting to look up for the European auto giant. As it reported in its annual press conference last week, record-breaking sales of 10.3million vehicles in 2016 show that it’s made a pretty healthy recovery following the Dieselgate scandal. However, many who are following the global auto industry say that the company shouldn’t relax just yet.

Image: Wikimedia

At the conference, representatives and board members of Volkswagen Group congratulated themselves on their spectacular...

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4 Of The Most Unusual Sports On The Planet

By Editor, published on Mar 23, 2017

All most people hear at this time of the year is soccer this or cricket that; it’s like only two sports exist. Well, we are here to tell you that more than two exist, and some of them are weird! Yes, some of them are downright strange, and that’s what makes them so appealing. So, if you’re bored of the traditional, tried and tested sports, it's time you took a look at the following. These could revolutionise the way you watch and participate. If they don’t, well then, at least it’s a good read!

Scooter Racing

Everyone has seen Formula One cars are Moto GP bikes race across the...

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Surprised By Three Miracles

By melanie jean juneau, published on Mar 23, 2017

Modern, educated folk tend to dismiss the miraculous, preferring to believe science will eventually provide a plausible explanation for the inexplicable. For the cynical, only the ignorant or gullible set out on desperate pilgrimages seeking cures or chase after Charismatic signs. Many Protestants think miracles were only for the age of dispensation of grace; for sombre Calvinists, supernatural deeds are not performed today. However, there are countless, hidden souls who have experienced authentic miracles but they have been bullied into silence.

I think the Almighty delights in shocking...

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12 Tips for Building a Successful Small Business Brand

By brian_advanton, published on Mar 23, 2017

Creating a strong brand is the prime factor for any kind of business to ride on the success journey. If you look at most successful businesses, they have achieved success due to their effective branding. Top businesses work on brand building that attracts customer to buy their product again and again. Brand effectively communicates meaningful information to your clients who you are.

Strong banding portrays what your company does, how it does it and establishes trust with your credibility. Creating a distinctive and powerful brand helps to grow your business in this competitive world....

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6 Tips To Prevent Football Injuries

By Tom Starke, published on Mar 23, 2017

With increased participation comes an increase in the chances of injuries. This is quite natural. After all, it’s a contact sport.

With contact sport, the risks of injuries are always high and off the charts.While most of these injuries are considered inevitable; but some, in fact are actually preventable. Here are a few tips that you can use to prevent football injuries.

1.Pre-season training and conditioning

Many soccer injuries happen usually at the start of a season when most players are out of shape and out of practice. This happens due to a petty case of doing too...

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Tall flags and patriotism

By Proloy Bagchi, published on Mar 23, 2017

India seems to be in the midst of a competition to hoist the biggest and the tallest national flag. As they say, some people wear their heart on their sleeves; we seem to be showing off our patriotism on our flags. The taller and the bigger it is the better it would seem to be.

One does not know how and who started off this fad of having tall flagstaffs to hoist flags the dimensions of which keep increasing by the day. The other day, the flag hoisted near the Attari border with Pakistan created a stir. Mounted on a 360 ft. tall staff, claimed to be the tallest of all flagstaffs in the...

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The Advantages of Using a Business Answering Service

By Stanley Thomas, published on Mar 23, 2017

The common problem faced by most small businesses is the unavailability of people who can handle phone calls. Most businesses that cannot afford receptionists have direct phone numbers for the potential clients to make enquiry calls. Many a times it happens that a potential client call is missed either because it was after working hours or because the person who was supposed to answer the call was already busy on another call.

Never miss a sales call again

A permanent solution to this common problem is to use business answering services. These services will ensure that you phone...

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Benefits of Hiring Photographer for Real Estate Business

By Albert Smith, published on Mar 23, 2017

A significant percent of people would never do that. Here is the importance of photography in real estate.

You may note that thousands of houses get sold with awesome photography. But, you cannot deny the fact that a good photograph plays a significant role in deciding whether you want to buy the house or not. Keep reading to find out the plus points of hiring a professional photographer for a real estate business.

Why should you hire a professional photographer?

·Use of 3-dimensional animations: A skilled photographer can make use of 3D animation techniques to give life...

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How to re-create a Red Carpet Look

By Stuartclocks, published on Mar 23, 2017

While there were many different performances going on, thefashionandmakeupof the Oscars were pretty clear: Black is still beautiful and natural makeup is at an all-time high. To re-create thered carpetlook at home, you will be happy to know it is easy to achieve and won't break the bank. Here are a few musts for an at home red carpet look:


Bronzed cheeks were prominent at the Oscars this year. A few Stars rocking the contoured cheek were Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and of course, the contour queen herself, Kim Kardashian. While Jennifer Lawrence opted...

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