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Ring! Ring! It's Your Life Calling...

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Sunshine, smiles and love!

No more mediocrity. You are deserving of so much more!

Dear YOU,

Today is YOUR day. Today is the day that you will forgive yourself for anything and everything you’ve ever been hard on yourself about. Today is the day that you let go of things that are holding you back. Today is the day that you decide nothing in the past has to determine your future. Today is the day you answer to that nagging feeling you’ve had at you your whole life. Today is the day you wake up to your life!

Stop right where you are. I know exactly what you’re doing. Those uncomfortable feelings just came up inside of you trying to give you reasons to not do this. Trying to stop you from moving forward in your life. Don’t push them aside though. Pay close attention to them, for they are the ones that are stopping you along your journey to self awareness, self love and simply happiness! They are the ones that are telling you you’re not worth it. Or it won’t work out. Or you’ll be disappointed. Or you’re not good enough. Enough. Your time has come. Right now you will allow yourself to feel good. Your life is calling. Answer that phone!

I’m writing this for you. I’m writing this because I probably believe in you a lot more than you believe in yourself. I’m writing this because I don’t care about what you did yesterday, or what your mom might’ve said to you when you were ten or what your last boss told you or how your ex betrayed you. I believe in you because you are so much more than any of that stuff. You’re so much more than what anyone else says or thinks. You’re amazing simply because you’re YOU. Now it’s time for you to believe the same.

The call comes in for everybody. Not a soul is left out. It might be after some tragedy happens to someone else that brings you awareness to how fragile life is or it might be after you, yourself, has hit rock bottom and has no choice but to make a life choice. It can happen at any time and at any place. It could be right now as you are reading this. It shows up in many ways and usually as a soft nudge that something in your life is just not feeling “right”. I like to think of this as life’s whispers. Your life is always whispering at you. Trying to nudge you to make certain choices, do certain things, or simply stop doing certain things. When we ignore those whispers, they usually become slaps and when we ignore those, they usually become 2x4’s knocking us upside the head. The point is, your life is always speaking to you on multiple levels, you just have to take your blinders off and not only see it, but take action as well. It does no good if you hear the phone, but you just send it to voice mail. I know it’s scary. Trust me. I know it’s scary to face your life and actually pay attention to all of your soul’s callings and desires. However, ignoring them is so much worse. Ignoring your spirit and what it truly desires will have you chasing something, that you never fully understand, your whole life. It will pop up at the most random times just when you think that your life is going okay. Just when you think that you’ve got the great job, the great love, the great car, the great fill in the blank. It will always show up because it is your hearts deepest desire. It will always show up because you are deserving of a beautiful and fulfilling life. It will always show up because your life is supposed to be feel good. It will always show up because you are meant for greatness. It will always show up because it knows it should and it will always show up because at some point, you will start to believe all of this. It all just depends on when you decide to. I hope that some point is right NOW.

Today is YOUR day! Be great to yourself!

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4 comments on Ring! Ring! It's Your Life Calling...

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By Caballero_69 on June 29, 2011 at 11:54 am


Just what I needed to read. I have publically announced that I am writing a book to be completed and published in September. Yet I have not made the progress I should have during the month of June.


Because I was sitting on the sidelines allowing distractions and diversions to soak up my time.

Thanks for the reminder that "Today is the day you wake up to your life!"

Got to go.

My life is on line 1!

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By Shari G on June 29, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Now that's what I love to hear! Go get 'em tiger! :)

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By Barkha Dhar on June 29, 2011 at 01:50 pm

Hello life, you are an awesome companion for you have seen me and loved me in my good times, sad times, and changing times. You’ve always been there for it is only because of you that I breathe in and breathe out. Sometimes you’re a friend, while at other moments you appear like a foe. But you are a part of me for without you I would not exist. You work in your own therapeutic ways! Shari, I just picked up the ‘virtual’ call and had a nice chat. Thanks for your inspiration.

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By Shari G on June 30, 2011 at 12:50 pm

Thank you so much for that everyone! Jen - just keep reading and I'm sure you'll get "life-coached" to success! It's all within you anyway, you just need the "shove". lol :)

Katy- I already apologized for my procrastination on being a week late in the post for you. lol. HOwever, now you'll have it written for the next time you need it. :)

Barkha - That is beautiful! I'm glad you picked up that phone! :)

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