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Ten Morals Fathers Should Bestow Upon Their Sons

by Jesse Lee (writer), Los Angeles, September 16, 2006

I have been a father now for two years and my son amazes me on a daily basis. His wonder and excitement over the mundane inspire me to look closer at the legacy I need to leave for him to follow. He brings out the kid in me, as well as the philosopher and the sentimental schmuck. These ten easy to live by morals are things I must first strive for in myself before I can hope to see them in my son.

1. Tolerate the ignorant because they don’t know any better.
Tolerance is word that normally pertains to race, creed or religion. But we must also tolerate the ignorant, who do not practice tolerance themselves

2. Money does not grow on trees, but opportunity does.
It takes hard work to make a good living and luck rarely has any thing to do with it. There are opportunities every where you look, all you have to do is seize them.

3. Respect your elders when they deserve it.
I am not always right and the generations before me are infamous for numerous mistakes. But by acknowledging them and teaching our children to be better than us is the only way we deserve their respect.

4. Don’t be afraid to disappoint me, be more afraid to disappoint yourself.
There is nothing more powerful in life than self confidence. He will may make choices one day that I disagree with, but if they are honest choices that make him happy, I will be content with that.

5. If you have nothing productive to say, then keep it to yourself.
Constructive criticism is a very powerful tool when used with discretion. The right choice of words and a smile will most likely do the job.

6. Blood is not thicker than water and you can chose who your family is.
Regretfully, our families are not always there for us but we are all free to make our own definition of what a ‘family’ is to each of us.

7. Boys don’t cry, Men do.
Emotions help us feel alive and if we can’t be in touch with them, then what’s the point.

8. Never hit a girl, even when she deserves it.
Using our strength against those weaker than us does not make us powerful, it makes us pussies.

9. Foul language is never appropriate but occasionally necessary.
“Fuck you!” is far less effective than “You make me sick.”

10. Accept every one, even when every one may not accept you.
There will be many people in our lives that we disagree with but we should never try to change their mind. We can only live by example and hope for mutual respect.

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By CDriK on September 17, 2006 at 11:58 pm
> Never hit a girl, even when she deserves it. Do you know where does the terme rule of thumb come from ? There was a law in Britain, which stipulated that you should not hit your wife with anything wider than a thumb. A read it as a "fact", along with elephants can't jump (only mammals that can't) and crocodile can't get its tongue out.
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By Noa on September 27, 2006 at 03:47 pm
awww i especially like number 4!
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By C. Reagan on September 30, 2006 at 04:48 pm
Hey, I think this is an awesome idea. My particular favorite is number 6, because it is undeniably true. Today, it's so important to instill these ideas with our children because values are getting harder to find everyday life. By stating them directly and without regret, you take a bold step in helping your son and others who get a chance to read this, the power to think and reflect on values and how we choose to disrespect them. Kudos.
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