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MMA Conditioning Training Routines Used by The Pro's

by pdunson5 (writer), , June 09, 2011

Discover which mma conditioning training routines are the most effective

MMA Conditioning Training Routines Used by The Pro's

MMA Conditioning Training can be very tough to perform, but you will be amazed at how quickly your levels of fitness and endurance improve.

Apart from that it will significantly improve muscular endurance. If you do not have the capacity to fight continuously for a set period of time, then you are not going to win that fight. Even if you are not involved in actual competition, it is a great method of exercising if you want to burn lots of fat and really improve your levels of fitness.

What is the underlying principle behind MMA conditioning Training? It's a way of preparing your body so that you do not get tired too easily during MMA competition.

Doing MMA conditioning workouts on a regular basis will ensure that you are going to be fully prepared when you face another fighter. Conditioning yourself is not just about having a higher level of cardio fitness, it will also increase the endurance of your muscles so that they can go on for longer without feeling tired.

What does MMA Conditioning Training Involve?

Conditining training for MMA basically means that when you workout, you move from one exercise to another without pausing for a rest. Ideally you would move from one exercise straight to another. Training like this comes very close to the effort that you would need to use in combat.

An example of a back training routine is below:

8 repitions of heavy deadlifts

8 reps of chin ups with a weight attached to your body

Doing bent over rows with a heavy weight for 8 reps

You would simply move from one exercise to the other without stopping for a rest between the exercises. Your muscles would start to adapt to this type of exertion, so that it eventually becomes normal for them to work in this way. MMA conditioning training routines are used on a regular basis by all UFC fighters. This really is the bread and butter of training for mixed martial arts.

You should utilize this strategy in a whole body training session with one exercise for the legs, one for your chest area, one for your shoulder muscles, one for your back, then one for your arms.

There is no doubt that this sort of training is hard, however this is the best way to get your body conditionied for combat. Which of course is an extremely valuable factor for any Martial artist.

You can also use these strategies with other pieces of training equipment, such as your own body mass, weighty awkward objects such as bags of sand, empty barrels, tractor tyres, and so on. There are lots of options which will take your MMA conditioning training to a new stage.

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