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Using Religion....Pathetic.

by rosenvegas (writer), Las Vegas, NV, June 07, 2011

Of all the things one can say about religion and religous people...I found a new one.

I have tried very hard to avoid this topic. But today I'm quite heated and therefore cannot control my urge to vent. First and foremost, I am NOT a religious person. I believe in a higher power, most of you have a name for this higher power. For simplicity's sake, lets call this higher power God. I have tried over the years to find decent people who are involved with some religion and have failed....MISERABLY. Therefore, I have nothing positive to say about the topic. Except it means well, but fails miserable at its intentions. Hence the statement, "Religion is flawed because man is flawed."

Take this case: My ex-husband, whom for the most part I think is a wonderful person. A good person, with a good heart. Responsible, etc, etc, etc. (yes, I'm suppopsed to hate my ex, but I don't) Well, he decides to tell my little 6 year old that God flooded the earth because people had gone bad. They were doing bad things. Of course my little girl wants to know what kind of bad things were they doing. Of all the things he could have said, he chooses to take this opportunity and use something he disagrees with in my life and use it as an example. So he tells're not supposed to have someone sleep in your bed until your married. (Remember now everyone, this is the man who had an affair with my brother's wife when we were married.) So this morning, my little 6 year old comes to me concerned about her mothers soul, worried I'm going to be in trouble with God, because my boyfriend and I are not married and yet sleep in the same bed.

In my opinion, he USED religion to try and make me look bad in her eyes.

How about this statement he made to her. Divorce is frowned upon in God's eyes. When you marry, your'e supposed to marry for the rest of your life. Daddy didn't want a divorce, your Mom did. Again, reminder.....he had an affair with my brothers wife..and well a few others as well...but I'm pretty sure being faithful wasn't discussed, as it shouldn't have been.

Again, USING religion to try and make me the bad guy.

Now, lets discuss this one shall we. Religion teaches us not to pass judgement. To open our hearts and be accepting of one another. To influence in a positive way. Yet, I have found that they force their views on you, craming them down your throat and if you don't buy into it or agree, well then, you're a "bad" person. The most cold hearted people I know are also the most religious people I ex in-laws. How do you refuse to allow a child to be considered a part of your family because she wasn't your son's biological child...and then let her know this? And then exclude her from anything considered "family" only?

For many, they choose what they will follow and what they won't. Hhhmm, I know many religious people who cheat on their taxes, on their spouse, gamble, drink, pass judgement on others, lie, are selfish, and greedy. Display behaviors like jealousy and envy. But guess what? They go to church and confess their sins so its okay. Right...sure. Oh and if it's too sinful...they hide it! Or say I've changed. I made a mistake, I'm not that person anymore. WHATEVER! What a scape goat you have made religion.

Don't get me wrong, please. I believe religion means well.....but considering man is the one who has to promote it....thats when all hell breaks loose....literally. Religion would be fine if people just stayed out of it and stopped contradicting their own teachings.

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By Tiffany Sanders on June 12, 2011 at 01:29 pm

This really doesn't have anything to do with religion. It's simply one of a thousand ways that divorced or separating people victimize their children in their efforts to justify themselves or make the other parent look bad or just create misery. Anything can be used as a weapon in the hands of a person of questionable character, or who is so consumed with anger and bitterness that he isn't thinking about anyone but himself.

There's nothing new about your assertions here--religion is frequently blamed for the ways that people who call themselves Christians or Muslims or whatever religion is in question choose to use it as a weapon.

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By Caballero_69 on June 12, 2011 at 04:50 pm


I think your are truly onto something. The Holier than Thou crowd may know the letter of their creeds [whatever they happen to be] but they miss the spirit by a light year at least.

If there is a Supreme Being, it does not give a horse's hind end who sleeps with whom. Remember it is all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere. Any entity that wanted to prevent something and had all that knowledge, presence, and power could surely do so.

The people you write about in this article are using religion as a pretext for being mean-spirited, small-minded, nasty Mo Fo's and they do not have the sack to own up to it.

A friend of mine that seems to have an authentic religiously grounded creed, says, "I walk by faith." He I am sure knows and follows the injunction - Judge not that ye be not judged.

My guess is the smug, sneaks who used religion as an excuse to attack you never heard or dismissed the parable of the Publican and the Pharisee. In that story, the hero was the modest, non-judgmental guy, not the self-satisfied prick.

Thanks for laying it out there about one of life's all to common snares and delusions.

Remember, "Living well is the best revenge."

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By Christopher Gibson on July 06, 2011 at 11:27 am

Dear Jesus, protect me from your followers.

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