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When Soldiers Come Home There's America Helping Heroes

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Soldiers Coming Home Have Help

The transition soldiers can go through from war to family life is extraordinary.

With a number of ways to help our military men and women already available, you may also want to become familiar with America Helping Heroes with chapters across the U.S.

America Helping Heroes is touted as working neighborhood by neighborhood to do whatever they can to prevent the needless hardship that can fall upon returning troops and their families.

According to the organization's website, the focus is on military members and their families and the multitude of challenges that face them and even carry with them following war.

The goal of every community chapter of America Helping Heroes is to make sure that no combat veteran is neglected and left to deal with the process of reintegration alone.

Author/musician Angela Alegna founded America Helping Heroes with the philosophy that the community is one of the most important aspects in a combat veterans' transition from life at war to life at home.

With a little neighborhood involvement - most of the hardships facing our newest veterans and their families can be anticipated and obliterated.

Anyone from 9 to 90 can participate.

Every volunteer decides what he or she can give with regard to services or time and they are never asked for more.

You can give one hour of your time - or you can give many - the important thing is to do something by way of showing gratitude to our returning troops - our neighbors - who are the real heroes and heart of America.

Every community chapter of America Helping Heroes consists of volunteers who participate in one or more of the following 4 programs:

  1. Neighborhood Initiative
  2. Student Involvement
  3. Coming Home and Moving Forward
  4. Social Awareness and Event Coordinating

Preventing the problems and hardships is what America Helping Heroes is all about.

By working together- neighborhood by neighborhood - street by street - we can make sure that our newest veterans are given the opportunity to successfully reintegrate and move forward in their lives.

Visit America Helping Heroes for more information.

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By Jack Bates on June 17, 2011 at 01:31 pm

What a great organization! I like the style that your wrote this in, the choppy nature helps hammer home the message. I love that this article is published under POLITICS!

Thanks for informing us!

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