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Nervous Popeye

by Rosescu (writer), , September 16, 2006


This just in - throw away your Spinach!!

Bodybuilders everywhere are rushing home to their refrigerators to empty all those bags of leafy greens. It appears even the healthiest food can pose a danger to Americans these days. The latest news on this week's E. Coli outbreak is that it is being linked to a California spinach processor, Natural Selection Foods LLC. So far over 100 people have fallen sick in this fatal outbreak. It is generally recommended to dispose of all bagged spinach, and this author recommends you take extra precaution by ditching lettuce, cabbage, and shredded carrots, just to be safe.

As a recent hospital visitor in an unrelated stomach bacteria incident, I can say that dealing with this sort of infliction is not enjoyable. And as we are seeing this week, such situations can even lead to tragedy. So, no matter what your mother might have taught you, don't eat your greens!

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By CDriK on September 16, 2006 at 08:10 am
nice ! i will have no problem to follow this advice. As long as rice and pasta are safe, i won't starve
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