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Guys vs. Girls

by rosenvegas (writer), Las Vegas, NV, June 07, 2011

If you like soap friends with the ladies, otherwise come join the other side.

I have many friends. GUY friends. As for girls? Well, I have girl friends, but I hang out and enjoy a guys company more. So whats the difference? HA! Lets see shall we. First let me comments refer to most girls...not all. Some fo us are actually well rounded and fun.

Guys are less serious and can just BS. You can say stupid things you don't really mean whole heartedly and get away with it. But with he ladies you'll have to endure a nice lecture if you get out of line. Man, I wasn't serious. It was just for entertainment purposes!

Ladies, lets face it, we too check out girls. While a guy comments on her "ass"ets, girls ridicule and insult a beautiful girl out of jealousy. If you listen to the guys talk about what they like, you'll get some good pointers to work with and they love giving details on what they like if you just ask. Plus, its funny as hell!

Girls talk about the SAME things! Clothes, hair, shoes shopping, sales and clearance racks, working out, diets, children, blah blah blah. Oh, and that stupid bitch dot dot. Listen to a guy talk, you will learn things....why a car is acting the way it is, why gas is going up, why this is better than that. And my get the dirt on what they've been up to, or the games they have played and how they got away with it. Just laugh with them ladies, and grin behind their backs.

Girls worry too much about if they look good doing something. I just did my hair, my nails will break, my clothes will get dirty. Really?! How you look shouldn't stop you from seizing the moment and experiencing life.

Girls are timid. Won't snowboard down the hard runs, won't drive an atv, or go too fast. Don't like high speeds, wont get rowdy, or act like a fool. Don't push themselves physically or take many chances. Always playing it safe. Safe is boring!

Oh and I hate the "I've gained weight, I'm on my period, I'm bloated as an excuse NOT to do something! Do you really think anyone believes thats the reason you won't do something? We all know your using it as your scape goat.

Girls always need someone to help them. With anything heavy, hard work, or physically demanding. Why can't you bring in the groceries? Mow the lawn? Paint the house? Seriously, why?

Simply put, guys have more fun, don't take life too seriously unless they have to, engage in more entertaining activities and are usually DRAMA FREE! They may discuss the facts, but you'll never feel like your on a soap opera.

Don't get me wrong. I will hang out with the girls....when I want to do GIRL things, like get dolled up and dance. Otherwise, grabbing a beer and BSing with the guys works best for me.

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By Caballero_69 on June 12, 2011 at 04:59 pm


I believe this article can fairly be described as piquant. Your observations about life and most especially the Female - Male interaction, dance whatever are things I wait to read.

Much of what you say seems true enough to me but looked at from the other sice. I have to say girls make good company for the beauty they bring into the world alone, but they are rough on each other.

Guys are so oblivious to so much they seem easy going by comparison.

Great read!


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