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Can you keep a secret? I really mustn't tell.

Credit: Gillean Smith
He has no knowledge of what he does to me.

Walk with me as I share my thoughts of possibilities that may or may not ever come true.

I have a secret.

I mustn't tell.

It's deep in my soul,

And hungry to attack.

It's called a feeling.

It's welling up inside me and it wants to escape.

It has this desire to rip past my thoughts and curiosities

And seek what really is and forget the many hours spent wondering what could be.

Will you keep my secret?

It's a special surprise.

It's for someone who is holding my heart in his hands.

He knows not who he is.

He has no knowledge of what he does to me.

And oh what he does to me.

It hurts it's so good.

By far he is no amateur.

He understands me like no other.

I know. You wonder if I am so lost in his intoxicating smile

And bedroom eyes.

You think he may have money, position or prestige that makes me flock to his side.

But how would I even know?

I've never met him before.

I have never had my eyes breathe in the sight of his face, his lips, his build or his voice.

Oh, I must confess that it is a torturous pleasure that I keep to myself.

Now, let me not try to fool you.

I know that I have no real love for this man.

How can this exist between hours of never being in his company?

Feelings, they come and go.

But possibilities between an exchange of words are what we share.

He just isn't aware.

So, keep my secret, will you?

I'll tell you one more thing.

The truth is he's at the door and knocking even as I write this.

Will you come with me as I answer the door to my heart?

Afterall, he's completely in my imagination.

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2 comments on Can you keep a secret? I really mustn't tell.

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By Caballero_69 on June 01, 2011 at 05:48 am


This poem is redolent of my image of the Carolina's. A lush, green place with hints of mystery and titillation.

I spent time in North Carolina during my military service and loved the sojourns among evergreen stands near or on my base.

One's imagination could truly gambol in wooded spaces.

Perhaps it is something in the air that provokes such creative thinking.

Loved reading this poem!


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By BusinessLife on June 01, 2011 at 08:12 am

Larry, thank you for your gracious and descriptive review. There is much to enjoy in the mountains and at the coast of the Carolinas. As a former lifeguard, I remember working with Marines from Cherry Point in the summer to help us with certain groups of campers.

The sensuality of heat and new life all around can be very intoxicating.

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