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Let them eat Bombs

by Anastasia (writer), London, May 31, 2011

Credit: yeowatzup Wikimedia Commons
KIm Il-Sung, the Perpetual President.

A personal assessment of the present situation in North Korea, of the politics of famine and food.

Do you know who is responsible for famine in North Korea? Could it possibly be Kim Jong Il, the Dear Leader and his incompetent regime? No, of course not: it’s the United States, or at least it is according to ex-president Jimmy ‘Peanuts’ Carter. He made this announcement recently on a return from Pyongyang, saying that America was responsible for ‘human rights violations’ in withholding food aid.

I feel that poor old Peanuts must have been through a systematic course of Juche, the governing philosophy the socialist paradise, returning home a little like the Manchurian Candidate, ready to spread the word. It wasn’t the North Korean government that suspended the aid programme in 2009, ordering all foreign personnel out of the country, of course it wasn’t. It’s all the fault of America and the West, a pleasing thought for the Dear Leader, a man who can grow bombs but not corn.

As mass starvation again threatens the suspicion grows that this bizarre government is actually hording food aid to add to their own uncertain or diminishing stocks, simply to be in a position to announce a ‘bumper harvest’ and the attainment of heaven on earth for 2012. Having a full rice bowl probably does count as paradise for the starving citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

But why is next year so important, you may wonder? Simply because it marks the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Kim il-Sung, the Great Leader who is the Dear Leader’s papa. He is also Eternal President of the Republic, notwithstanding the fact that he has been dead for almost twenty years. Yes, we have a state headed by a dead man, rather appropriate considering that death is its only growth industry.

Here we have possibly the worst government on earth, one that can build a nuclear arsenal while its people starve, one led by an overweight, preening megalomaniac, one that is kept afloat by doles from the international community, doles that are most likely siphoned off for political ends. Aid or no aid it really does not matter; the people of this dreadful utopia will continue to go hungry because of the misfortune that history sent their way in the form of the Great Leader and the Dear Leader. Either that or its all the fault of the United States. It must be; Peanuts says so.

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