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Favorite Quotes

by rosenvegas (writer), Las Vegas, NV, June 01, 2011

Live, Laugh, Learn...whatever it takes to keep doing so....keep doing it.

Life brings about many situations one can learn from. What you learn and whether you apply it in the future is soley ones choice. Sometimes it helps to have some guidance...reminders of those lessons to refer back to and get you through life.

Quotes have always served a purpose in my life. Some provide inspiration, others hope. While others bring a laugh and a sense of humor to lifes imperfections. So enjoy as I share some of my favorites.

Everyone of us has dated or been involved with someone whom we thought was just the cream of the crop. Perhaps even out of our league only to find at some point they agreed and moved on leaving one to the ever so warming comfort of rejection. You know the feeling...all of us do. At one point in my life while reminiscing and somewhat feeling that ache creep back in I happen to come across this quote that had me laughing my way to tears: "No matter how good looking he is, remember, some girl is tired of putting up with his shit." Instantly, I remembered. Instantly, I felt better. Even more so? I laughed thinking of the poor girl who was now putting up with his shit and a smile swept over my face.

There comes a time in every trying situation in life where one begins to lose hope and desperation kicks in trying to get through, resolve or fix a problem/need. Hence my next favorite quote that brought me and many others who could relate "laughing our ass's off". While going through the many first dates I found myself thinking, "man, maybe I'm being too picky, I should stop looking for the perfect guy and open myself up to not being so judgemental." I was trying to figure out, maybe even out smart the dating game..HA! So I started being open to dating guys outside my normal "type". Until I found this quote: "Sex is like food; abstain long enough and even the worst stuff looks good". Needless to say, I up'd my standards again...I could wait for Mr. Right. No settling.

Ever find yourself unsatisfied? Deciding between your current options/situation and another? Wondering what you should do? Here is a helpful set of words to get you through these times: "The grass isn't greener on the other side, its green where you water it." At the time I read this quote I was contemplating a job offer with a start up company, concerned about my current positoin with my employer. It was a good offer, yet a risky one. But my heart was with my current employer, the people I worked with. Instead of running to the next yard, I chose to stay with my employer and water the grass where I'm at. Go figure...I'm not concerned about losing my job anymore.

Feeling hopeless? How about this one: "The wind may change directions, but I can always adjust my sails and reach my destination." When things don't go according to plan, this reminds me, there is always another way.

I work at a school where adults are pursueing alternative education options. Often times (too often) I hear excuses as to why a student must drop out or can't meet up to the expectations. As a parent I hear this daily. As a supervisor, the reasons one cannot reach their expectations are never ending. I am commonly known for quoting this person of all people....Marilyn Manson. I will forever thank my graduate for finding this one. It has come in handy a multiple amount of times: "The problem with the world today is it is full of victims." She then followed to say, those who succeed only did so because they chose NOT to be a victim of thier circumstances.

Then of course, when I feel like life has decided to rain on me I pull out this little number to remind me that I can indeed handle everything, I'm just irritated because I don't what to. "I know God wouldn't give me more than I can handle, I just wish he didn't trust me so much." I laugh at this one, because the problem with being good at something, is that you end up with doing it a lot. I guess I'm good at handling a crisis because I sure have had my fair share.

This one is one of my own philosophy's. I never really thought of it as something I would share until recently. In watching couples and listening to them bitch..I mean talk. I found myself thinking to myself as they belittled and complained about their spouses..."You chose this person!", so the more you belittle and complain about them the more you belittle yourself...they were YOUR choice as a partner/mate/lover. Standing by your significant other means defending your choice, your pick. So why wouldn't you?

Well I think that just about covers a little advice for several of life's challenges...if not, there are tons of books with great quotes...need a boost, there is always one there to get you going again.

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By Caballero_69 on June 01, 2011 at 07:14 am


Loved this article! In fact, I'll offer a quote to describe how it effected me. "Good writing is clear thinking made visible".

I too am a quote grazer. Frequently look for quotes on themes that are important to me and rarely fail to find a few that broaden, deepen, or otherwise enhance my perspective and understanding of the theme. Great and famous quotes are great and famous for a reason.

You have offered sound advice not only for the situations you used as examples, but for those who are looking for a method to find sound advice and inspiration.

Caballero_69 aka Larry

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