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Freedom Summer of 2011

Credit: mobilization - the Issue
The march can't be over yet. In Georgia, the State Supreme court ruled based on the 1877 state constitution that enshrined segregation for 100 years.
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This is an update and extension of a song from some years ago regarding the Mississippi Freedom Summer of 1964. The past is prologue and it's time to rally together again.

Are we sitting on the sidelines, or

Are we really in the fight -

Helping people raise their voices altogether Black and White?

Are we teaching civil rights

Doing more and more

Like Mississippi in the summer of 64?

Can we learn from Mississippi

When hatred burns today

Can we keep that dream of Martin's from ever fading away?

Are we stepping up and speaking out, or

Do we turn the other way

Are we living truth or living lies when hatred burns today?

Are we standing firm for justice, and

Doing all we can

Raising funds and raising hopes for the fellowship of man?

Can we learn from Mississippi

As hatred burns today

Will we keep that dream of Martin's from ever fading away?

Do we know the march continues

And that it is far from over yet?

Oh Freedom, let them know we don't forget!

We must learn from Mississippi

Because hatred fiercely burns today.

We must keep that dream of Martin's from ever fading away!

We not must be on the sidelines

Lest we live forever in regret.

For our country and its future, we must prove we won't forget!

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3 comments on Freedom Summer of 2011

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By Caballero_69 on May 25, 2011 at 07:20 pm

Thank you Cher!

The Georgia Supreme Court's actions evoked or provoked this what ever the best description, perhaps both are apt. Coupled with my teaching efforts to awaken some commitment in my students who face savage inequalities in the funds provided for their education and the circumstances of their lives, I had to try and wake up the echoes.

Thanks again!

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By Credo on May 25, 2011 at 08:19 pm

Creative poetry, sounds provocatively motivating and proactive, having genuine leadership qualities.

I don't believe that I am that journalistic, or qualified to inscribe something that poetic.

Wondrous insightful work, Great!


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By Caballero_69 on May 25, 2011 at 08:50 pm


Coming from you this comment means a great deal.

Thank you.


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