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End of the World? Probably Not

by Lumiere (writer), NYC, May 21, 2011

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The eternal flame of love burns even in the darkest of prophecies.

The Exact Doomsday Date has shifted for centuries, love & live life like today was your last day on earth.

On my way to the airport there were neon colored signs going down the escalators claiming May 21st, 2011 as Doomsday. My first thought was about how the date on the signs clashed with Nostradamus and the Mayans date for Doomsday which is December 21st, 2012 otherwise known as the day of the Grand Alignment, or Returning to Zero Point. The theory is that the planets will align, the earth's gravity will shift to zero, in which the position of the north and south pole change, causing major environmental shifts like; earthquakes, tsunamis, catastrophic fireworks, mudslides and sudden death due to smothering at overcrowded, end of the world-drunken, hedonistic orgy parties.

Against my nature, I just wanted to steal the Doomsday sign so on the next day, May 22nd, 2011 I could post a video on Youtube and say, "See worry warts, we are still here. You were overreacting like on Y2K when you thought the computers were going to end the world by shutting off the mainframe that filters your bacteria filled toilet water into drinking water."

Yes, I make light of the Doomsday subject. Being raised in the South I have heard more Apocalypse, Fire and Brimstone sermons than I care to share with you. All of it is has one thing in common, the prophecies are drenched in fear based thinking. Control only comes through fear.

Yet among all the conversations of doom and gloom, my closest friends and I are all in agreement as to spend the last "Doomsday" week of the world celebrating at some tropical destination making our infamous Midnight Margaritas. One or two of our southern style margaritas and the end of the world will be of no concern to anyone and if something catastrophic does occur, you probably won't even feel a thing anyway.

Let me tell you why I am not worried about Doomsday. My outlook is summed up in one of my favorite quotes by an anonymous writer;

" Don't worry about life, you're not going to survive it anyway."

The truth is no one ever knows when there 'life ticket' is going to be pulled. We are all running on borrowed time.

Death is beyond our control. Today there is the possibility that any one of us could be hit by a car crossing the street, a tree branch could fall on our head, we could get food poisoning from our favorite food, die while having an orgasm or hell we might even be lucky enough to get struck by lightning and still live to tell about it. You nor I can predict the day, the hour, or the moment any one of us will take our last breath. Who knows, we might not even live long enough to see Doomsday. And if we don't, let's thank our lucky stars because who in their right mind wants to be around to clean up the mess of the aftermath?

Imagine dealing with thousands of people in a Doomsday emergency type situation without food and water for days or weeks. It would be like throwing an innocent man into a room of starving women on their period without any chocolate. Now that would be hell on earth, literally. The poor man would be volunteering his body up for cannibalism just to escape the suffering and torture of being nagged to death.

My point is this, live your life to the fullest. The present moment, today is all you have. Don't waste your moments away worrying about Doomsday and what will happen tomorrow. Get out and dance, run, go do something you enjoy, have a dinner party with your closest friends and family, pray about what concerns you: let go and let God, do something kind for someone, reach out to the person you have been meaning to but haven't because you have been too busy, tell the people you care about how much you love and appreciate them. Take the time today to complete in your life what you have left incomplete, to do your best to heal and seek forgiveness from those you may have wounded in your lifetime. So no matter what day your 'life ticket' is pulled, you will know in your heart that you are complete with what matters most to you.

What I know for certain is the moon and the stars will orbit with or without me, one day my body and yours will be as sand in the winds of time but love is for eternity.

Not even Doomsday, the Grand Alignment, or Fire and Brimstone can evaporate the eternal flame of love that burns even in the darkest of prophecies.

The light of love and faith is the only light I choose to believe in no matter what may come to pass...or not.

About the Writer

Native Texan full of Southern Charm, ;) Art Director and Fashion Photographer with a background in Luxury Apparel. Producer of a Television show called " Art4Charity " that spotlights Philanthropists, non-profits, volunteers, and companies doing positive deeds around the world. Volunteer Art Therapy teacher to homeless children and activist.
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By Lady D on May 21, 2011 at 12:47 pm

Wisdom I learned from "Lost In Space" (tv show 60's) "When your time tape is up, your time tape is up!!!!

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By Gregory John Smith on December 09, 2011 at 04:01 pm

The light of love and faith is the only light I choose to believe in no matter what may come to pass...or not.

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By Notumbus Bumbus on December 09, 2011 at 04:47 pm

But, but, without control, everything will be chaos, the devil will reign supreme, the.... Boy, ain't fear fun!! I love the "earth's gravity will switch to zero." Wonderful! Apparently, someone knows where the switch was hidden!! And all physics will work, until that switch is thrown. Best comedy material EVER!!! And we always get an encore - the day after the "Date", when we get to look back fondly on how things were before they ended. Woot!!

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