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by Credo (writer), I practice living in the Spirit, May 24, 2011

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A public exposition of our economic system. Why is the economy failing?

Financially our political system appears to be struggling within itself. Its normal political transactions exemplifies an irregular operational attitude towards the maintenance of our economic system. We know that our system of government is off course as it pertains to the modus operandi of the Constitution, and we as a nation understand that we are heading down the road to an economic collapse similar to the depression this country once experienced. How did this country which was once the most productive and the most financially secured nation in the world manage to fall to such depths. I believe that the breakdown of our system is not a natural occurrence but one of a contrived nature, a conspiracy if you will. The pattern or design that we see of the failings within the economic business establishment is brought or established on the backs of a form of universal corruption that has forced this system into such decay that a financial failure is eminent and apparently desired. FOR EXAMPLE: If we were to look at the way the army breeds its military personnel (soldiers, killers, assassins) we'd notice that they first have to take an average young adult, (men and women) and then mentally break them down in order to reprogram them into mindless beings who simply follows audible instructions from their commanding officers no matter what the moral or ethical condition. They kill {without a conscious] anyone men women and children if so ordered. This is what is being done to out political and economic system, it is being broken down and transformed by the system itself in order to rearrange the political and economical atmosphere from a republic to a fascist state. The transformation was gradual as we went from a republic to a democracy and the eventual formation will be into a fascist state. Here in are some of the bureaucratic processes that has assisted this transformation.

The gradual transformation of our political system

On public display are letters which demonstrate that there are POLITICAL and ECONOMIC PREDATORS working in the fiscal house (our government).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Social Security Administration
Office of Public Inquiries
Windsor Park Building
6401 Security Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21235

RE: Social Security Administration information request

Dear Michael J. Astrue Commissioner of Social Security;

This letter is sent in search of the authorities or executives of the Social Security Administration in hopes of obtaining tangible information concerning the social security card and numbering system. My Inquiry is of a legal nature and as such I present this query to those who possess the authority to secure a legitimate answer to my request. As a citizen of the state of New York it is essential that I learn the legal ramifications of the social security rules as they apply to the Constitution and to the several states. This information would help me a great deal to further understand the system and its demands. My question is as follows; is a United States Citizen a sovereign person required to have a Social Security number and card to live and work in the United States?

Because I didn’t get a response on this matter during my first letter I sent your organization, I am submitting this letter by certified mail. Should I not receive a letter from you in response to this request then I will lawfully assume that it is not a requirement to obtain a Social Security card or number. In an effort to ascertain the validity of this released information please sign and forward this information to me under penalty of perjury.

Thank you in advance for your punctual cooperation in this matter. I fully appreciate your assistance.



On November 18, 1997 Mr. Neil McIver Sent a similar public request, and he received the following response from Mr. Charles H. Mullen the Associate Commissioner, from the Office of Public Inquiries.


TEH2B November 18, 1997

Mr. Neil McIver

Number 102

210 River Way Court

Owings Mills, Maryland 21117

Dear Mr. McIver:

This is in response to your recent letter about the Social

Security Number (SSN).

The Social Security Act does not require a person to have an

SSN to live and work in the United States, nor does it

require an SSN simply for the purpose of having one.

However, if someone works without an SSN, we cannot properly

credit the earnings for the work performed.

Other laws require people to have and use SSNs for specific

purposes. For example, the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C.

6109 (a)) and applicable regulations (26 CFR 301.6109-1(d))

require an individual to get and use an SSN on tax documents

and to furnish the number to any other person or institution

(such as an employer or a bank) that is required to provide

the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) information about payments

to the individual. There are penalties for failure to do so.

The IRS also requires employers to report SSNs with

employees' earnings. In addition, people filing tax returns

for taxable years after December 31, 1994, generally must

include the SSN of each dependent.

The Privacy Act regulates the use of SSNs by government

agencies. They may require an SSN only if a law or

regulation either orders or authorizes them to do so.

Agencies are required to disclose the authorizing law or

regulation. If the request has no legal basis, the person

may refuse to provide the number and still receive the

agency's services. However, the law does not apply to

private sector organizations. Such an organization can

refuse its services to anyone who does not provide the number

on request.

We hope you find this information helpful. If we can be of

further assistance, please let us know.



Charles H. Mullen

Associate Commissioner

Office of Public Inquiries


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Director of International Operations

Foreign Operations Division

Internal Revenue Service

11601 Roosevelt Boulevard

Philadelphia, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Dear Director:

My research of the Internal Revenue Code and related Regulations has left me confused about my status for purposes of Federal Income Taxation. Pursuant to I.R.M. Policy #P-(11)-23, "upon written request" I can obtain from your office a determination of my status for purposes of Federal Income Taxation.

This is my written, formal request for a determination letter as to my status for Federal Income Tax purposes. Please take note that your determination letter must be signed under penalty of perjury, per IRC Section 6065. If this is not the proper format for making this request, please send me the proper format with instructions.

If I do not receive a determination letter from you within 30 days, I will be legally entitled to presume that I am not subject to any provisions of the IRC. In my effort to secure such determination I equally require the specific law which states that I a sovereign citizen of one of the fifty states am required to file a 1040 form, a W2 form or to pay income taxes.

Show me

  1. The law requiring Americans to pay income tax.

  2. Their (the tax agent’s legal authority to address, question, and investigate the state citizen) regulatory authority and delegated authority to address any emancipated person.

  3. The law which made the IRS part of the Constitution or part of the government.

  4. The agent’s, the investigators, the judge etc, oath of office.

  5. A contract (in this case the SS card, W4 form or 1040 Form) with both signatures on it. My signature and the firm in question, (in this case the Government/IRS (the firm) must also present a signature on these forms since these forms are their own contracts) a living person can not contract with a fiction or fictitious entity such as a corporation. In this case the IRS is a corporation (a fictitious entity) and without a live person’s signature that can legally bind their corporation in contract then the contract is incomplete and void as per the color of law. It is therefore inconsistent with the legal definition of a contract.

  6. In case of a levy show me the Secretary Of Treasury’s signature which authorizes the income tax liability, the assessment process or the levy. A notice of levy is not a levy it is just a notice and it is only a legal notice if it is signed by a Magistrate or the Secretary of Treasury.

  7. A levy before enacted has to be signed by a Magistrate or the Secretary of Treasury before it can be legally operable, in addition after due process is conducted by a legal judge in a court of law, then the judge has to sanction such an order. Due process would also include the assessment procedures conducted by the Secretary of Treasury to determine if taxes are due before notifying the tax payer that taxes are due, and after determining that the person to be levied is an bona fide tax payer, all these events must transpire before notice of levy can be issued and before any other procedure of levy can commence.

  8. Show me a court order signed by a Magistrate or the Secretary of Treasury which gives you (the tax agent) the authority to search my private property, or to confiscate any of my private or personal property.

  9. The law which says that I can’t challenge the jurisdiction of the court, the tax agents and the tax investigators, all these people must prove that they are authorized to do what they claim, and they must prove that they are part of the Constitutional government with validation of the force of law under Congressional jurisdiction over tax matters which pertain to me as a sovereign citizen. Most of the time these agents come into citizen's homes with no legal sanction, no jurisdictional authority, no oath of office and no legal potency to do any of the things that they have done, citizens assume that they(tax collectors or auditors) are legally justified because they appear to have legal authority and justification due to the state authority (the state police, the city police all of whom are ignorant to tax laws) that these agents bring with them to oversee the illegal operations of investigating, levying, searching and confiscating private property.

  10. Show me the tax agent’s pocket commission or his oath of office as a public servant of his office, and prove to me that his commission has authorized him/her to lawfully confront any sovereign person of the Union States for any income tax purposes.

  11. Show me a copy of the assessment letter presented to me, signed by the Secretary of Treasury indicating that I the sovereign citizen of the states currently or at any time in the history of the income tax system ever owed income taxes to the federal government, or was ever assessed by the Secretary of Treasury.

  12. Can you provide proof of any sovereign Union citizen being assessed {in the history of the income tax system since its creation} by the Secretary of Treasury for income tax?

I ask these questions in light of the Constitution which is said to be the highest law of the land. In furtherance to the general purposes of this document or the practical notification of my affirmation of status herein, I anticipate a dysfunctional system at best and eagerly await your comments on the matter of the current income tax subsystem as it pertains to the Constitution and to sovereign citizenship.

All contracts like any other lawful matter must adhere to legal rules and regulations; therefore to be able to understand contracts it is necessary to learn the rules about the legality of such contracts. In any contract or legal agreement both parties who make a contractual agreement must be made aware of all the terms of the contract or that a contract is being presented before each party can become a legal suri juris or actively become an intelligible prudent party to the contract. Most W4 forms are filled out without the signatory ever being informed that they are under contract or of the many legal realities of such a contract. People are never told that once you sign a W4 form you have given up many of your Constitutional rights, for example the right not to testify against one’s self. In effect when you complete and sign a W4 form you have testified against yourself and you have sworn by your signature that you owe the government money {Federal Income Taxes}. A confession is another way of looking at a W4 form; it’s the releasing of future tax information in preparation of paying taxes that you don’t owe. According to the make up of the Constitution taxes were never suppose to be assessed nor collected until a person actually owed taxes and in that vein it is highly impractical to make a legal statement or contract before any taxes were ever owed or assessed, this in all premises promotes extortion to the highest degree as the IRS nationally pressures millions of people across the country to apply for and sign employee W4 and 1040 forms which essentially forces the signatory under penalty of perjury while placing them in a legal position of incredibility as they all under protest perjure themselves long before owing any money. In accordance with the Constitution (which is the highest contractual agreement of lawful jurisprudence in the United States of America) the income tax assessment process is conducted, authorized and sanctioned by the Secretary of Treasury, this department or government office has to make a comprehensible financial determination or assessment concerning a tax matter of an individual or government employee (the EMPLOYER in this case is the federal government, and the EMPLOYEE are those people who are serviceable members of the federal government; the IRC (Internal Revenue Code which is private laws and regulations) does not lawfully indicate private businesses or sovereign businesses and Union states side people as government employers or employees)

P.S. I have also submitted this letter to several legal associated parties in hopes of establishing legal continuity. Failure to respond within 30 days will be taken as meaning that you have "acquiesced" and that, from this date forward, the doctrine of "estoppel by acquiescence" will legally and lawfully prevail. In furtherance of this legal reclassification process the estoppel process would also indicate the conclusion of our correspondence. Any further attempts to contact me after this estoppel has legally taken effect concerning this matter would indicate that you and your firm are in severe violation, in breach of the laws of the land by attempting to commit fraud, extortion and treason on my financial privacy and therefore demonstrating a larger crime on the American public at large. These proceedings are made public so that all correspondence are made available to the public so that the authentic truth of the matter may be presented to the public once and for all.


/s/ Credo

UCC 1-207/1-308 All Rights Reserved

The following letter also indicates according to legal experts of the Legislative Counsel and the Congressional Research Service that Section 3(a) of H.R. 97 defining the word “state”, and Title 26 U.S. Code 3121 Of The Internal Revenue Code are not the same. I have submitted herein this letter to show that my graduated beliefs about the income tax is warranted and constructively effectuated, backed by legal facts and such lawful premise which further substantiates my claim as a none tax payer. This letter is an additional piece of evidence that I openly delegate to the cause of correcting the general public records, which historically has me typecast as a tax payer, and a member of the federal government, both of which I am not. Upon discovery of a fraud or a deception in contractual matters legally the person upon whom the contract is perpetrated against has the right to publicly pronounce such contract void as it is a fraudulent contract and not legally obligatory to maintain any dutiful premise of such irregular proceedings. Therefore upon receipt of your findings on this matter and due to your evidence or lack thereof which may or may not rebut my legal contention, I stand upon the lawful and legal grounds as a non tax payer, a member of the sovereignty of the state in which I am a party to and a non resident alien (I am a foreigner to the District of Columbia and therefore a non tax payer) as it relates to the taxing District of Columbia. Upon discovery of your contentious evidence or your rebuttal of my claims I submit this letter along with an array of other included materials that supports my disputation. All claims and evidence must be signed with the understanding that it is signed under the penalty of perjury and that any statements made by you or your firm will become public information, which will be compulsory upon my custody of that information to lawfully publish.

As the Director of International Operations, Foreign Operations Division, and Internal Revenue Service it is incumbent upon you to present the facts and the laws which express the actual legality of the social security income taxation system so that Americans can once and for all understand the legal ramifications of the laws which govern this infamous country. It is also the right of the people to seek out answers to such laws so that it will be made clear and concise as to what details and duties are incumbent upon them as lawful tariffs carried out by the people so that they will be practicing lawful mannerisms throughout their lives as Americans; and therefore not made to break the Union States legal precedent under such abrasive tax standards by way of coerced acquiescence to federal yet unlawful pyramid schemes and such ambiguous contracts as the W4, the 1040 and other similar reprobate contracts.

  1. Is it not true Sir/Madam, that the W4 form that Americans sign under the penalty of perjury is a voluntary contractual agreement?

  2. Is it not true that the word “compulsory” means “mandatory”, and that the phrase “voluntary compliance” is an oxymoron? The opposite of mandatory is having a choice which is voluntary.

  3. Is it not true that the word ”voluntary” means to make your mind up, that you have to choose either to file or to not file, either to pay taxes or not, either to submit yourselves as tax payers or not?

  4. Is it true that the Social Security card and number system is not mandatory upon state citizens, nor is it essential to obtain in order to work in the United States of America?

  5. Can you identify and show the constitutional legal Statues, Regulations, and Codes which authorizes the income tax culture propagated by the Internal Revenue Service against sovereign state side citizens?

  6. Does the Internal Revenue Service, the corporate banking system have the Constitutional backing or right to print money, and if so can you provide the Constitutional laws proving this contention?

If the Internal Revenue Service has no legal right under the Constitution to coin or to print, to investigate, to make laws or to tax people of the Union why then have Americans not been protected against such impositions by the lawful states of the Union? If there aren’t any Constitutional laws that identify the taxation of citizens of the Union why has the massive propaganda to submit to such fraudulent impositions been so prevalent within the states without state and or Constitutional government mediation? When there is clearly no fundamentalism for Union state citizens to obtain a social security card or its numbering system, and by law it is obvious that the W4 form is an voluntary agreement. Isn’t it rather clairvoyant that citizens of the State’s Union are independent of the federal government “ the foreign corporation” or the District of Columbia and thereby not subject to its jurisdictions or its antagonistic income taxing system? To further prove this I present this letter from BARBARA B. KENNELLY a member of Congress which clearly defines the legal meaning of a State, as a conclusion to the prior letter concerning the social security system.

Congress of the United States

House of Representatives

Washington, D.C. 20515


January 24, 1996

Mr. John Randall

3808 Rosecrans Street

Apartment #233

San Diego, California 92110

Dear Mr. Randall:

Thank you for writing with your question about Section 3(a)

of H.R. 97, legislation I introduced this Congress. Please

excuse the delay in my response.

In your letter you asked if Section 3(a) of H.R. 97 defining

the word “state”, and 26 U.S. Code 3121 (e) are the same. I have

checked with Legislative Counsel and the Congressional Research

Service about the definition. According to these legal experts

the definitions are not the same. The term state in 26 U.S. Code

3121 (e) specifically includes only the named U.S. territories

and possessions of the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the

Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa. In addition, this

section of the U.S. Code unlike H.R. 97 also states,

"An individual who is a citizen of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (but

not otherwise a citizen of the United States) shall be considered, for the

purposes of this section, as a citizen of the United States."

H.R. 97, section 3(a) does not specifically define the U.S.

territories and possessions that would be eligible under this

legislation, and therefore is somewhat more expansive. Again,

thank you for writing on this issue.


/s/ Barbara


Member of Congress


Even under the Immigration Reform and Control Act, codified at 8 U.S.C. 1324a(b), documents other than a social security card can be used for identification purposes; a birth certificate being one of them.

It is by filling out the W-4 form and disclosing your social security number that makes every American citizen subject to and liable for the income tax system. By this S.S (Social Security) numbering system regular citizens of the Union States are being identified as federal citizens by the federal government, it is a method of legal assumption used by the feds to adopt your citizenship status as a federal employee and thus a tax payer. Fortunately you can revoke your signature and social security number from ever being used by your current employer which will stop them from releasing your information to a third party. The truth is, millions of Americans are now realizing that a person is not lawfully required to disclose their social security number or sign the W-4 form to work in the United States, if they are a United States citizen. They have been persuaded otherwise by the schools, the media, war-time propaganda, even cartoons that they are under a legal obligatioan to participate in the income tax subsystem. Now everyone simply ASSUMES it is so. We, the American people, need to wake up from the deep sleep we have been in and realize that our political and economical strinking lives is being drained from us every time we do not question authority. It is one thing for someone to say what the law is, but it is another thing to read and understand the law as it applies to each person. File your UCC-1 claim on the CORPORATION that carries your name in their ledgers and take control of your Treasury Direct Account. You are considered a citizen of a Federal territory because of the Fourteenth Amendment citizenship stature. Since you have not objected to your politically assumed status as a subject of the Federal jurisdiction arising from the 14th Amendment, you may be legally presumed (assumed by the government) to be content with your fabricated Federal citizenship. Upon signing your signature on any document present this article {UCC 1-207/1-308 All Rights Reserved} as a safety net to protect you from fraudulent schemes, assume all documents whereupon your signature is a requirement, to be a serviceable contract which can be used against you in a court of law. Generally we are forced to sign under duress and this article {UCC 1-207/1-308 All Rights Reserved} of release allows the legal establishment to dispense with any legal presumptions as to your legal status, your jurisdiction, and as a persumed tax payer of a citizen of the district of Columbia, thereby releasing you from any assumed legal obligations of that D.C. (District of Columbia) corporate territory.

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