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The US is catching the train

by ranfuchs (writer), CT, USA, May 15, 2011

Credit: Beth Revis
Not in the USA

Sometimes it is surprising to discover how long it may take to reinvent the wheel

Europe. The Second World War is only days away. A final goodbye. Hands holding white handkerchiefs waving through the windows of the departing train. Only the cloud rising from the engine is still hanging in the air. Tears. Our protagonist did not have a final goodbye in mind. He is considering to catch the next train. He checks the big board at the station, but as he sees the soldiers marching in, he escapes. He will never see her again.

NYC 2011. The train authorities proudly introduce a new service, advertised in all the trains and stations: “Isn't it nice now when the next train will come?” it says. Still, some may ask why it took 70 years for the service to cross the ocean.

The train services in the USA, like the rest of the country's infrastructure, has been deteriorating for decades. While China is constructing dozens of high-speed train lines to cross the country, US is unlikely to have a single line in any foreseeable future. It has also been decades since the US could pride itself for it road infrastructure, or any infrastructure, for that matter. But as we are the best, the biggest and greatest why should we look at others for comparison?

We seem to forget that there are only four things that can make a country successful in long term. They are:

  1. natural resources

  2. infrastructure

  3. a favorable business and investment environment (legal and tax)

  4. education.

Which will the US trust its future on?

But until I find a good answer, I would be delighted when the train authorities finally put the new information system in my station. Actually, I would even be happy with a simple clock, you know, the old style with two hands that show the time. I do not need anything more. Because our electronic board has never shown anything other than today's date. And I do hope, that despite the condition of our train system, I will never witness the board changing while waiting for my train.

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By ranfuchs on May 28, 2011 at 05:44 am

Hi Melody, you are absolutely right. The problem of infrastructure is that it needs a long term vision. Try to explain to your electorates why you spend so much money on something that will yield results only in 20 years. But if you don’t do it now, in 20 years it will be too late. Some would argue that for the US (and big part of the western world) it is already too late

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