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Yom Hazikaron

by taking off the mask (writer), Los Angeles, May 09, 2011

Credit: myself
Soldier Helmet

'Celebrating' a very sad day in the Jewish calendar

While waiting for my bus (in Jerusalem) on King George St. I noticed some pretty flowers. I instantly grabbed out my point and shoot camera and started snapping away. I saw a kid in front of me standing still with his arms crossed and not moving or talking. I thought maybe he was just watching me but then I realized the person next to him was also standing still. I turned around to see people standing outside of their cars and even the bus which was down the street stopped. At first I thought maybe there was a car accident with one of the cars and the bus but it seemed to calm and quiet. I grabbed off my head phones, and paused my blaring music. I then heard it, THE siren. I stood still and closed my eyes. I tried to picture Gilad sitting hostage, Soldiers trying to protect Israel. I pictured the Heros that gave their lives for this land. Not a single noise could be heard besides the painfully loud siren. Even the birds seemed to have stopped chirping during that minute of remembrance.

Today is Yom Hazikaron. We remember the soldiers that lost their lives defending my country. We remember the civilians that were murdered in terror attacks. We remember those that we lost and dedicate a day to them and their memory. May this war end soon without having to shed more innocent blood. G-D bless Israel and its people.

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