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CareerSaver presents CISSP video training

by CareerSaver (writer), FL, May 09, 2011

Premier security certification on video by lead trainer Chris Penick.

Those wishing to obtain the premier certification of the IT security community, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certification (CISSP), have a new tool to help them achieve their goal. CareerSaver recognized the industry need for thorough and no-nonsense training in this popular certification and fast tracked this new CISPP video.

In speaking with Jason Bortz, the owner of Interactive Study Systems / CareerSaver; “this comprehensive video was the logical addition to our adaptive software….. With Chris [CISSP Trainer] he was very succinct and didn't waste time fluffing the presentation. We have created an instructional video that is head and shoulders above anything on the market today.”

This credential is considered the Gold Standard in certifications and a benchmark of achievement coveted worldwide. For those who earn it, it is an objective statement of their skills and knowledge, often propelling their career to new levels.

In the IT field, security experience (read certification) is in high demand and growing. The CISSP is a way to demonstrate that you have this knowledge and expertise. Certification Magazine’s survey of 36 thousand plus IT professionals found that those with the CISSP designation, holding careers in this discipline, earned well over six figures annually. Additonally, they ranked the CISSP concentration certification as the top, best paid credential in IT. Clearly, this certification is a worthy investment!

It was obvious to CareerSaver that the CISSP would be a necessary addition to their video training collection, and their clients echoed their desire for it as well. Since introducing video courseware to their already extensive library of resources, video learning has been in high demand. Many of CareerSaver’s training titles already offer this feature, and new titles are continually in production.

Fred Dietz, Director of Business Development at Interactive Study Systems / CareersSaver echoed Bortz’s vision and their client’s demands; “our video training has become an integral part of our learning systems and with the growing demand of security certifications this [CISSP] was a no brainer.”

Comprehensive video instruction, like the CISSP, takes a bit of time to create. As with all of the CareerSaver videos, compiling the most up to date content, gathering expert commentary and editing is time consuming, but it is time well spent as their video library can be used as a standalone training product or ideally married with their interactive, adaptive software, audios and ask the expert features.

Instructor-led training courses and boot camps cost thousands for the course alone. Not to mention the time lost from work, travel and lodging expenses and the inability to go back and review key concepts of the material as often as you like. Video courseware mitigates the burden and inconvenience of ‘traditional training’ while enhancing the learning experience.

The CISSP Video from CareerSaver covers the following topics;

Intro and Tips: Domains introduction and Study Techniques

Access Control


Access Control Methods

Application Security

Software Development Methodologies

Distributed Computing

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning



Symmetric Algorithms

Hash Illustration

Legal, Regulations, Investigations and Compliance

Legal Concepts

Operations Security


Physical and Environmental Security

Securing the Computer Room

Perimeter Security

Information Security and Risk Management

Security Architecture and Design

Telecommunications and Network Security – Part I

Telecommunications and Network Security – Part II

Telecommunications and Network Security – Part III

Telecommunications and Network Security – Part IV

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