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Goth Girl!!

Credit: SF Examiner
Goth Girl!

She's a San Francisco icon and the founder of the famous Devil Dolls Motorcycle Club

She’s 100% class behind her leather jacket and her signature shades. Her favorite things in the world are her Harley-Davidson, her piano and her incredible memories from the road. She’s a writer, a composer and a philosopher and she cares deeply about her family and friends. Goth Girl has an amazing energy you can detect the first minute you meet her, and once you spend a few hours with the lady, you’re hooked on her passion, her enthusiasm for life and her one-of-a-kind style.

Goth Girl has lived all over the country during most of her life, but San Francisco is now her home. Because her family moved nine times before high school, Goth Girl says, she never lived in one place long enough to learn how to keep friends. But, she was always able to find herself on the back of some guy's bike growing up (she landed her first ride on the back of an outlaw biker's Harley as a teenager by flipping him off and getting his attention), but she never stuck with any of them for long.

"I would just bolt because people weren't that interesting to me," she says. "If I don’t feel intrigued by whomever I’m with, it gets old really quick. But, I value my friends and once it’s a bond, I don’t break it.”

Fast bikes and fast times are all part of the Goth Girl plan for living. There are four kids in her family and they’re all very close, she said. “We’re a very creative really tight family. I was into motorcycles early on and I started playing piano and studying the classics when I was five years old. I had my first dirt bike in fifth grade, but before that my dad had a Knucklehead and my uncle rode sports bikes, so I loved it and he was really cool. One day he said to me, you’re a natural rider and that made me so happy to hear him say that.”

Goth Girl moved to SF 12 years ago and she can be found every weekday at One Market Plaza in San Francisco’s Financial District, playing piano around lunch time. If you see her there and request a song, you can pretty much be certain that she’ll know the tune and will oblige.

For many years, Goth Girl didn’t have her own bike, she said. “I would only go out with a guy who had a bike. I would get chest pains whenever I saw a bike driving by, so I started looking in the paper for a Harley. I didn’t really find my bike, because it found me. I was very lucky. I found the perfect bike. It’s a 1988 Sportster XL, but I’ve had it rebuilt about three times. I’m the third and final owner of this motorcycle, because I will never part with it. I don’t know how many miles I have on this bike, because the odometer doesn’t work anymore. I’ve been to Sturgis and back with it and I don’t have a car, so I would say somewhere between 50,000 miles and less than 10 million!”

Goth Girl’s bike is covered with flames and a caricature of herself. The paint job was a gift from Mike Lavallee from Killer Paint in Seattle, Washington. “Mike is amazing. It’s called “realistic fire” and he was one of the first people to start doing it.”

Goth Girl founded the Devil Dolls Motorcycle Club more than a decade ago, she explained. “I was riding around one day and hanging out with a bunch of guys, and then I met a rider named Calamity, and I liked her almost instantly. So, I said, hey, let’s start a club! So, we started it and pretty soon the Devil Dolls were born. T-Rex, She Wolf and Angel joined and the Devil Dolls became a reality. There was no other girl club out there like us. Soon we did a calendar—it was a lot of work and the calendar is still produced every year. We also started a line of clothing called Worship Wear.”

After five years in the Devil Dolls, Goth Girl stepped away, she said. “We did a show on Discovery based on five biker chicks and it was called the Girl Power Run, from Arizona to San Francisco. Around that same time, I started going to more and more motorcycle events. Then, there was some drama among the group and my motorcycle world had grown, so I stepped away to pursue other things.”

Over the years, Goth Girl has forged great friendships with some of the top names in the motorcycle industry, like stunt rider Samantha Morgan, who rode the Wall of Death; Larry Indian, the late master bike builder, and bike builders Kendall Johnson and Eddie Trotter. She’s also appeared in many motorcycle publications—from Easy Rider to Thunder Press and everything in between.

Goth Girl describes her passion for riding her Harley and her conviction for the lifestyle surrounding it and cites several reasons why. “It’s a pure feeling and it’s in my blood. I worry about my bike like I would worry about a kid if I had one. Being on a bike and going out on the road is infectious and tough to explain, but anyone who knows knows exactly what I’m talking about.”

She’s engaging, inspirational and loaded with creative zeal. And I don’t think people are going to stop talking about Goth Girl any time soon, because she’s interesting--on or off her bike!

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By 'Mean' Mike Duffau on May 12, 2011 at 07:26 pm

i agree with cher....

goth girl is a classy broad...more women need to be like her!

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By Blaze on November 06, 2013 at 10:41 am

I miss my Goth girl very much! This is Blaze....of Fresno. If she sees this....please email me, get a hold of me. :-) No drama from this momma!

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