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Meeting love for the first time

Credit: Gil Guelfucci
Love me, I beg you

Whatever, however, whenever, I want to know you, love. Please help me know you.

Love, leave me not at this moment.

I am trying so hard to believe in you.

I am trying to move close enough to see into your eyes, to feel your warmth and to understand that you indeed exist.

Is this what magic may be like?

Is it possible to be able to grasp love's intentions like a bouquet of wildflowers?

I want to inhale you...breathe you in as I see so many others have done before now.

Is this my time? May I have time with you?

Do you see my tears that may be my first tears of joy?

Can you allow me the time to taste the sweet nectar that you offer to so many others?

What can I do or say to be acceptable in your eyes?

May I please be given the opportunity to know you?

I have heard of you for so long and so many, many times. I have seen what you can do.

I think I can believe that you really do offer the love that you are to those who want to know you are love.

I'm sorry for not giving you the chance to break through the thorns in my heart, too sharp and too pointed at anything that might be of hope, joy and yes, love.

If you are love...if you are truly love yourself...will you love me enough to give me another chance to provide a place for you to call home in my rumpled heart?

I might have much to clean up inside. I might not always keep everything as tidy and lovely as you are used to.

Would you be willing to work with me?

I want to extend my hand to ask you in.

I want to try to deserve you.

I have much to learn.

I have only what I am to offer as the price to pay to know you.

I am afraid that is all I can give. But I give it to you fully to soil, plant seeds and allow you to grow all throughout who I am.

Just give me a sign that I might be worth a moment of your time.

I am here. I am your bride. I will wait and wait.

My lamp is lit within my heart hoping that once you are here we will never part.

I have so much to learn from you.

It may not be easy.

It has been a hard process to fathom you are indeed an experience that I might encounter within my lifetime.

But I will try as hard as I can.

I will listen. I will hold my tongue. I will learn much as I can.

Can I ask you to look my way?

Though I look nothing like you, I hope you can find the love that you are to fall upon me and make me glitter with potential.

I want to be beautifully loved by you.

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2 comments on Meeting love for the first time

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By BusinessLife on May 05, 2011 at 08:01 am

Bill, I do look forward to finding out. When I hear from Love, I will be happy to let you know.

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By BusinessLife on May 05, 2011 at 10:16 am

Who knows what will happen with me, personally. For now, it's fun to talk about love and write about love. It's a great subject to experience through the written word.

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