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Culture Assassination

by Credo (writer), I practice living in the Spirit, April 16, 2011

The Inheritance of the American Status

Very few citizens have understood the actual dynamics that surround our political culture, original workings of the political process. Citizenship is a live thought, by the people who control policy.

The ethnicity and implied nationality of an individual politically speaking as implied by the legal establishment, suggesting the nature and culture of such individuals (merely by establishing and identifying their prescribed national and ethnic origins) that government can and has defined the legal rights or ownership rights over the individuals; By claiming the origins of an individual (government claiming that "We The People" have been produced by the country and or government, which is really in reverse, the people produced or established the country or government) they reclassify the people's political status.

The government has managed to not only brainwash the people into believing that they are a product of that country in which they were born or were cultivated as citizens of some state, the country became their mother rather than their real mothers, government establishing direct ownership over the person rather than their real kindred which is their ancestry. In particular this is the core reason for a birth certificate, which certifies a person's entrance into this world or country/government, its a government manifest which issues a certificate of passage, and government theoretically taking ownership rights of the child from its parents upon birth.

Nonetheless the genealogy of an American person nonetheless can differ from his place of birth and that person may or may not be culturally in accord with the general cultural climate and differences between their birth place and their indigenous birth heritage. For example; black culture for a lack of historic continuity losses its genuine value or significance while growing in the same melting pot with the Arian European cultural ideology. Although black culture has somewhat survived the test of slavery and retroactive racism, it has misplaced its cultural significance and historic circuit mainly because of the all-inclusive, all powerful Eurocentric socialism, with its agenda to destroy or to trivialize black culture. The international racial classification known as “black” was a term given to these people by “the establishment”, in an effort to nullify the legal potency of the so called black race to be able to legally reestablish themselves as sovereigns, it disable their ability to make legal claims against the government under a fictitious nationality keeping them from lawfully abdicating for reparations and from eventually acquiring their own authentic freedom, country and land.

But no matter what ethnic background you’re from, as an American when the question is applied; who are you (culturally)? And where do you come from (ancestral origins)? We find that no one is awfully informed as to their true hereditary origins, nor their cultural accessories that come with that ancestry; because of the nature of the Eurocentric conquest the conquerer spoiled global intellectual integrity. Reshaping international terrain (building the Panama and African canal using slave labor), channeling historic perceptions among the masses (the people who conquer rewrites history to fit and secure their status), taking illegal procession of all cultural artifacts, creating religions, reorganizing the true reflections of history, renaming all conquered countries, all to fit the image of the conqueror, thus the international legal standard of business dress code and language is the American European style, suits, ties and English. No one actually knows who they are as a result of this global conspiratorial bedlam, it is the great undertaking of world reconstruction, where the political systems were reshaped and all the countries were renamed while renaming the people after the new names the conquerers gave to the conquered countries. It is historic but people have become (instead of kindred to their ancestry) kindred to the land in which they were subjugated born and lived, losing their ancestral connection to their own bloodline and primeval family. Who are you and where did you come from? Is it a surprise that you are not who they say you are? I mean if they have swindled blacks about their true past prior to slavery what makes you think that they haven’t lied to those of you who have not experienced the American nightmare, but who assumed to have experienced the American dream? They have named you (global citizens) after the country’s conquered names once they had taken over that continent, and over several centuries mentally retrained the population of those countries through the educational system that they had instituted. You are now Puerto Ricans (The Rich Door or rich port), German, American (established after the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci)

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Amerigo Vespucci

Statue outside the Uffizi, Florence.


March 9, 1454(1454-03-09)
Florence, Republic of Florence, in present-day Italy


February 22, 1512(1512-02-22) (aged 57)
Seville, Crown of Castile, in present-day Spain


Italian, Florentine

Other names

Américo Vespucio [es]
Americus Vespucius [la]
Alberigo Vespucci


Merchant, Explorer, Cartographer

Known for

Demonstrating that the New World was not Asia but a previously-unknown fourth continent.[a]


Amerigo Vespucci (March 9, 1454 – February 22, 1512) was an Italian explorer, navigator and cartographer. The Americas are generally believed to have derived their name from the feminized Latin version of his first name.[1][2],

American Indians (which means American savage), British, India, Jamaicans, Spanish (which is a language ad not a nationality), etc. these are not races but government surnames in which the government used to categorize the masses around the world. Unfortunately none of these names categorically demonstrates the true reality and nature of the history or of the kindred background of these people. Racial scientific context demonstrates for example that the title and nationality of "Puerto Rican" as a racial category, is neither a racial distinctiveness nor an ethnic identity as it relates to the existence and origins of these people. This example can also be applied to all of these other ethnic groups as the term “Black' is a color and not a race, Jamaican is representative of a place and not historically conducive to the identity of any race or west Indian is a "direction and a savage", Spanish is a language which doesn’t have a racial identity or genetic connection to any particular race of people, it is just a linguistic identity, and so on. Each of these examples clearly demonstrating how history and the very foundation of our geological background has been manipulated. (But to what end?) Obviously there are greater forces at work here with an independent agenda, forces other than and more powerful than government or what we generally perceive as the usual establishment. Why has the natural culture and kindred lineage of global citizens been assassinated and reshaped to fit false realities, grossly misrepresentation of real live sovereigns? Remember the cowboys in the old western days they were sovereigns, because they wore guns, and was free enough to make a settlement between themselves without the legal apparatus getting involved. Meaning that they could have a gun fight between themselves in the middle of town without the law being able to get involved as long as the fight was fair, significant so that if it was done in selve defense the sheriff was legally discharged from any legal action. Presently that real form of sovereignty is lost to obscurity as the legal system has been restructured into the Maritime law system which is the law of the seas.

Watch Mr. Jordan Maxwell 9 part series on Maritime law start here

Who has the right to manipulate history, or to re-educate (brainwash) the global population, essentially dumbing down the populace? For the most part history has shown that the people in power have always kept blue-ribbon knowledge away from the masses so that they would be easily manageable like cattle that are just right for the political slaughter. Real knowledge has never been in the hands of the people, the people were taught just enough to carry on particular task like a person who worked in a factory whose occupation is to do one single isolated job all day every day, but never knowing how to do the entire assembly. Technology for the most part is kept from the masses just in the same fashion, people neither know how to construct or assemble any of these techno gadgets, and they barely know how to use them. In the most riches and most technological country in the world we still find the homeless, the hungry, and the tech-less population; however obscure: ask yourself is this not by design? How many average people do you know who can build their own electric producing generator, or construct their own solar energy system used for heat and electricity? If an emergency arises (and it will) how many folks would be able to survive without the regular civilizational interventions like stores, doctors, schools, hospitals, or technology? Most of us would not be able to get our own food if there were no supermarkets, yet we still claim to be the most technologically aware people on the face of the planet. In the old days people knew things that helped them to survive without the government’s input, for instance they knew how to make their own medicine from plants to cure a host of ailments, people like my grandmother knew how to make her own soap, cooking grease, sun tea, outdoor stoves, medicine from plants and a host of other things all from scratch. I believe that many of the technological things that we use today should be well taught to the people, the construction of techno materials should be an average ability and not hidden from the people. In a techno society every member should be able to make a light bulb, produce their own electricity, cultivate and produce their own food, medicine, regulate their own health with some accademic ability, they should be able to survive independent of the government, big brother or the larger society. This to me is truly a technological and independent society, where every individual is highly intelligent, taught to understand the cardinal principles of technology and able to implement the construction of new gadgets and or inventions. Instead what we have is government who hides things from its people, hoards information, and maintains secrets while doing things contrary to the Constitution. People are not aware of the technology that we use daily and the technology that the government has and continues to develop is vastly different, far advanced, while the people have hand me downs from the government like the Internet {although it is wonderful and a blessing it is not the premier technological system of communication}, the cell phone, the microwave, television, and so on, things that were tested and enhanced by the government before turning basic technology over to the public while hoarding more developed and advanced technology for themselves. But even those hand me downs are tools that we (the average person) have never truly understood, we use them but we can’t explain how they work or reproduce them without big brother’s assistance. Our children know more about how to set up a VCR, how to operate a computer, play video games and so forth better than the adults, “their parents”. Yet we believe that technology is part of the American culture, but every aspect of the culture is manipulated by the establishment, from your education to your use of that education. We are not able to see the vast difference between our lack of techno understanding and the government’s advance understanding of technology. The difference is staggering and disconcerting in view of the fact that by keeping general secrets from the people (secrets that have nothing to do with national security) it strategically places government over the power of the people. Channeling intellectual growth, knowledge use and general behavior, people are quietly controlled and mislead into whatever direction the government desires. I believe that technology extends to or perhaps I should say starts from how well the general public understands its history which enable them to assimilate new information, and new technology. Technology can be a hindrance to freedom or freedom itself, it is the knowledge and use of that technology that ensure ones freedom from the tyranny of government.

For instance the technology or science of economy also has history with secrets hoarded by the government. Here’s a secret, if this country has been in financial straights sense Andrew Jackson how can the economy be just collapsing now, and where is the government getting all of the billions of dollars to bail out the big corporations while still funding the wars in Iraq and elsewhere? Recognize that the shadow government (the world elite) pays for everything, they and they alone have all the money FRNS (federal Reserve Notes or paper money, as opposed to Constitutional money or coins), they fund the wars, and the economy, at times they withdraw the flow of currency to agitate a depression.

"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a

financial element in the large centers has owned the

government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.."

  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt, November 21, 1933

"From now on depressions will be scientifically created."

  • --- Congressman Charles A. Lindberg, Sr.-1923

The Fed should be repealed, and the Fed Banks, having violated their charters, should be liquidated immediately. Faithless Government officials who have violated their oaths of office should be impeached and brought to trial. Mr. Chairman, the United States is bankrupt: It has been bankrupted by the corrupt and dishonest Fed. The man who deceives the people is a traitor to these United States.

Congressman Louis B. McFadden, 1933 Survived two assassination attempts but not a third in 1935.

It is because people of this era is unable to maintain the historic truths about our system (the factual knowledge of how our government system is suppose to operate) and they are not able to digest the highest levels of new and cutting edge technology, the government can mislead them into whatever endeavor, into any direction it chooses, be it good or bad, peace or war.

At one time the nation (its citizens) understood how the government operated, but the educational process (a source of teaching and learning which became mental engineering) has dislodged that information from the people so that the average person has cease to be on familiar terms with what kind of government the sovereign people have created and contracted with, the general concept of the contract, or who was in charge of the constructive power of law (the beneficiary of our legal and political system was actually the people and not corporate government), the government or the people. What we have is a reckless form of government, a national misconception of the natural interface between government and its citizens, seemingly forgetting the tenants of the contract which says that the government was made by the people as a servant to secure for the people life, liberty and happiness.

Gradually the government has usurped control of all the systems that kept government segregated from the power over the people, those systems includes the educational system, the religious system, the corporations and business system through the use of taxation, the judicial system, the private medical system, they have taken control over every system that serviced the maintenance of the separation of private freedoms of the people from the formal regulations of the state. As we recognize the fact that church and state is no longer separated but have united under secret taxation clauses we understand that the spontaneity within the church has ceased as freedom of speech is now controlled by the state or the government.

Community under seize

As the government claims to be closing it doors due to finances it is a final way to annul “the contract” between the people called “the Constitution” and “the Bill of Rights”. Once this has occurred (the ceremonial shutting down of the “Congressional government” ceremonial because the Constitutional government has already been annulled) then the foreign bankers assume absolute authority over the people based on the settlement last held between the corporate American foreign government and the original “Congressional government”. That settlement being the relinquishing of the American assets due to the national debt (the national debt is the interest that “the Congressional government” purports to owe to the foreign bankers for the use of borrowed paper money, Congress coins legal public money while the central bank prints illegal private money, thus the national debt rises every time someone in America spends paper money.) congress owes to the foreign bankers, “the hidden government” I.E the U.S.“corporation”. The corporation (known as “THE UNITED STATES”) which is the foreign government or the hidden hand of the Illuminati will then implement their foreclosure process taking procession of all the assets of America including its people who were sold out by “the Congressional government” as slaves or peasant assets (human resources) along with the properties and labor of America. Wake up America and understand what is taking place as President Obama says a change is coming but as the President of the Corporation (corporations elect their own leaders through directors, chairmen and board members, citizens have no say in corporate policies thus the popular vote is used to maintain mass hypnosis of ignorance ) he knows that it's a change for the betterment of the corporation and not for the people. Understand that civil war is afoot, that economic collapse is at the door, that civil unrest awaits every citizen, famine is in the land, that America the great is falling, is falling, it is the hold of every hateful and unclean bird and it is falling.

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By Credo on April 17, 2011 at 09:29 pm

Theoretically we have all been systematized and usurped to think that we are the seed of the land that we inhabit, and we have forgotten the natural heritage that is ours and ours alone. However I am not just referring to the governmental or land mass that we inhabit, I'm also challenging any one to prove their ancestry. The Conquering of all nations during history has in effect taken place and with those events many assertive changes have been made by the oppressors. One of those changes is the mismanagement of the names and nationalities of all people. I suspect that history is flanked with bits and pieces of the truth and my duty is to call attention to as many folks around the world to investigate their own historical lineage to see where they have been mislead.

Theoretically we have all been systematized and usurped to think that we are the seed of the land that we inhabit, and we have forgotten the natural heritage that is ours and ours alone. However I am not just referring to the governmental or land mass that we inhabit, I'm also challenging any one to prove their ancestry. The Conquering of all nations during history has in effect taken place and with those events many assertive changes have been made by the oppressors. One of those changes is the mismanagement of the names and nationalities of all people. I suspect that history is flanked with bits and pieces of the truth and my duty is to call attention to as many folks around the world to investigate their own historical lineage to see where they have been mislead.

My gracious gratitude is now yours, thank you.


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By Credo on April 18, 2011 at 05:16 am

Thank you for your comment, I believe that it engenders a better understanding of people when looking from their point of view. I can certainly relate to living in the present, and I am not one to prevent anyone from their convictions. You have some exciting but interesting mixes within your family, it may be well worth the time to investigate. Also let me commend your sister for her personal challenge to rediscover her roots. However I come from a people who's history, culture, and morays have been robbed from them, leaving them dysfunctional in many categories. The analytical investigation of ones history in my estimation means life or death for a people, you know the saying “if you don't know your history your destined to repeat it”. What I do know of my history is that my people have been made slaves, what I don't know is the history that happened prior to enslavement, just bits and pieces. Perhaps we may understand some day what caused this dilemma and proceed to prevent it from ever occurring again.

My quest for reconstucting my history means not only finding out who I am, or where I originated from, it means the descovery of my ancestors, their accomlishments to the world, my people need that spark. Throughtout our history in America we have always been told that we were nothing, that we invented nothing, and that we contributed nothing to society or to the world of civilizations. In this vain my people are spiritually wounded, and it is imperative that we come to understand our history or we shall die, first in our hearts, and minds, then as we self destruct, in our bodies.

Yet again, Thank you for your personalized statement, it was well received.


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