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Hey you, it's me. Your conscience.

by rosenvegas (writer), Las Vegas, NV, April 08, 2011

We have all heard it. That little voice in our heads. The voice of reason. Often ignored. Often laughing at us saying "I told you so."

We have all felt it before. All sworn we wouldn't do it again. Committed to self-discipline in the future only to be met with that caving feeling, followed by the voice of reason's laughter as regret sets in. That moment when you want something more than what you've trying to accomplish; to be "bad. Even if its just for a moment.

Who has ignored the little voice yelling "fatty! dont' eat anymore!" "Don't call him again!" "You can't afford that!" "You know he/she is going to get mad!" "Don't say it!" You hear it, loud and clear. That voice of reason. The good angel on one shoulder desperately trying to guide you as the "other" angel intices you with visions of chocolate, hearing his voice again, how different your life will be if you just buy it. Bad little angel, bad. But hey, if an angels says its has to be...right?

All of the above are a feable attempt to prevent us from having something happen we don't want to have happen: gain weight, smother someone, go into debt, get yelled at, put our foot in our mouth. We don't want these things to happen. NOT AT ALL. But, what happens in the end? We do it! Why I ask? WHY?

In a world with so many rules, regulations, expectations. Is it the temptation to be bad...just a little bit? It can't be that we feel that extra helping was worth the extra time on that dreaded treadmill. It can't be because we want to push the person we're trying to "woo' with away. It can't be the enjoyment of a maxed out credit card. It can't be spending the night on the couch after fighting with a loved one. It must be that little urge to be bad we all need to fulfill from time to time, but as adults we can't afford any real consequences. I mean, we can't afford to go to jail, or lose our jobs. Nothing so severe. So we settle for life's guilty "pleasures".

Perhaps its boredom? Life is too great we must create some level of drama. I'm not sure I've met anyone whose life was that great and needed more drama, but hey, maybe thats just the crowd I run with. Wait, maybe thats why my crowd has so much drama. AYE!

Perhaps, its faith's way of telling us what we really want. We are just mistaken thinking we want to be thin. Mistaken that he/she is the one. Etc. etc.

Nope. I think we are all just greedy. We want to have our cake and eat it too.

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By Lady D on April 08, 2011 at 04:17 pm

Much of what we believe is conscience, is not at all. It is all the other people we want to please.

We can love ourselves and allow ourselves to know what is best for ourselves.

Get concious, trust your real feelings. Not what someone has told you what you "should" feel.

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