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It Just Works - Xmarks Grows Up, Gets Bought, Go Premium

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Xmarks was acquired by LastPass in Novmeber 2010. What is new, what has changed, and why you should go Premium for only $1 a month!

My original article on Xmarks covers the basics and they haven't changed. The video is a decent review of Xmarks sync on the iphone. This gives a good visual overview of how easy Xmarks is to use.

Last Pass works on what they call a "Freemium" model where almost all the services and content are free. Additional content and services can be acquired by paying a small fee for premium access. They have brought this model to Xmarks. The mobile access on my Andriod OS to my bookmarks was well worth the $12/yr. Xmarks Premium is the best browser backup and sync solution for mobile users hands down!

I use the Dolphin browser and the Andriod built in browser on my phone. Xmarks syncs flawlessly to both of these. After installing Xmarks it was only few minutes until my bookmarks were accessible on my phone. Links and organization I've been carefully grooming and collecting for over 3 years almost instantly accessible and usable in the palm of my hand for $1 a month. I've paid more for a bad movie that I can't un-watch. This is a must have for anyone that uses their phone to access the Internet.

With the Open Tab Sync I can go from reading an article online to the bus and in the blink of an eye I'm back on that site finishing my read. I start reading a blog post and then get interrupted as I have to get off the bus and go home. Later I open my ipad and another blink of an eye I'm finishing up where I was on that blog post, and I post a comment. Xmarks gets the technology out of my way so I can just interact with the content when and where I want to. I am not forced in to a device or method. I just have to install the application, add my username and password, and XMarks does the rest!

Xmarks, "It Just Works", trust me and go premium. I am in no way affiliated with LastPass or Xmarks other than being a happy, paying customer of Xmarks. You will never have to worry about losing your browser bookmarks again. You will have access to them on any computer you use. Even the one in your pocket!

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By Jack Bates on April 11, 2011 at 10:56 am

Melody. Last year I had my "recession cell phone" and that was a $10/mo, very limited, no txting (I had txting blocked), phone. The wife and I got our credit cards paid down to ZERO and our 401K maxed, putting money in the savings and after all that I can afford my "smart" phone. So that is my guilty pleasure.

You are 100% right about the thieving ways of cell phone companies. The easiest way to save $1,000 a year or more is to just get a "go phone" or whatever you local cheap cell / pay as you go phone is called.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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