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Who's making the decisions around here?

by karmstrong (writer), lawndale, March 10, 2007

No matter how powerful you are you will always find yourself at the hands of a bad decision. Yes we all have decided to go with the chicken only to kick yourself when you see the guy at the next table slicing up a steak. But living with your bad decision is one thing, however being forced to live with someone else's bad decision is what i'm talking about.

Lets take for example those digital message boards all over our freeways. Who decided to spend the millions to construct them and better yet who is deciding to advertise that it will take us 15 minutes to get to downtown? Does this do anything other then make everyone slow down and read the message? How about turning it off and then we'll all get to downtown in 10 minutes.

What about Tivo? One of those life changing inventions that much like Xerox, the brand name has become bigger then the equipment itself. I have a DV-R but every night i'm "Tivo'ing". Clearly some smart people working for Tivo but what project manager when hearing about the idea to shrink the power button and put in on the middle left of the remote far from where every power button on every remote we've ever had has been said "yes! great idea!" ?

And finally, the automated customer service representative. Would someone please explain why we must enter our phone number or enter our credit card number only to have 10 minutes go by on hold and have the live service rep ask for it all over again?

I make enough bad decisions of my own, is it too much to ask to not have to live with someone else's? I can only hope that somewhere out there our decision makers are sitting in traffic caused by the freeway message boards, or at home fumbling trying to find the power button on their Tivo remote or angrily repeating their credit card number as they think to themselves, damn, maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

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