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TALK ABOUT IT - Birthday Party Sex

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Seeking Sex Ideas for Birthday Surprise

How can I make my husband's 47th birthday party a sextravaganza?

Dear TAI,

I am two weeks away from my husband's 47th birthday. We have a healthy sex life but after 20 years, well I would like to be a bit more creative or offer him a really special birthday surprise. I'm not one to really talk about sex and so on. But I want to take a bit of a step out of my comfort zone and make this a birthday night he soon won't forget. What advice do you have that can inspire or offer me a few ideas to make the most for an unforgettable birthday present for my husband?


Searching for Great Sex

Dear Searching for Great Sex,

Congratulations for having such a great relationship inside and outside of the bedroom. It sounds like your husband has much to be thankful for this birthday and all the ones prior. As far as your current quest to find some special and unique way to explore your sexuality together as a birthday present for your husband, there are many resources online, and should you have some close girlfriends, they might also have an idea or two. It's time to use your imagination. Dressing up in a boustier with make up and high heels and hair pinned up to easily be taken down is just one of many ways to stir things up in the bedroom.

I'm sure that some readers here may have some additional ideas as well.

Whatever you do, be comfortable and happy with your choice. Nothing can spoil intimacy when you have feelings of inadequacy that is like a pot of cold water poured on a roaring fire.

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By BusinessLife on April 12, 2011 at 04:28 pm

Point, er well taken.

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