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A white male for president?

by Kay C (writer), Vancouver, March 08, 2007

To anyone who knows me and my rather bleeding heart tendencies, it may come as a slight surprise that I haven't jumped on the Hillary and/or Barack bandwagon.

Many feminists are thrilled at the idea of a woman running the so-called free world, and many others are even more excited that an African-American might finally get a turn.

But for me, Hillary is too much like a Republican, albeit with a better hairstyle, and Barack, despite his charm, isn't as progressive as I'd hoped.

Enter Dennis Kucinich, by all appearances, a typical white male. But looking a little deeper, we see that he is not so typical. Not the typical slick politician, someone who -gasp!- actually seems to be interested in something other than his own power trip! Perhaps even interested in making the world better for everyone.

And because policy actually interests me more than charisma, I've been looking at what this man actually stands for: universal health care for all; repealing the US Patriot Act; abolishing the death penalty; preventing the privatization of social security; ratifying the ABM treaty and the Kyoto Protocal; legalizing same-sex marriage.

Wow - let me catch my breath. Promoting, oh my, a spirit of international cooperation!

On the question of Iraq (he voted against the invasion) he would end the occupation, bring the troops home and replace them with an international peacekeeping force, and order a return of U.S. contractors (ie. Haliburton) and turn such work over to the Iraqis. He would also develop a plan for national reconciliation.

And, for those of us familiar with the laws of attraction (being that you get what you focus on)-- instead of dumping gazillions into the insatiable machine of weaponry and the direct and indirect creation of enemies, he would create a cabinet-level Department of Peace. Imagine that!! A Department of Peace.

I can only wonder what that sort of colossal transformation would look like. I wish John Lennon was here. Imagine.

My only concern is that he is a Democrat, still part of that paradigm that is really becoming just a two-headed figurehead of corporate power and plutocracy. And (to be fair to all progressive and courageous Democrats) it is becoming impossible for anyone to survive outside of that structure, let alone run for president.

Oh well. It's a big fat start:)

I know it can be hard to even conceive of a world of fairness for all (instead of just a few) and it's almost too easy to become cynical. But we're all creating as we go, whether we know it or not, so why not aim for something higher.

Maybe it's called evolution, and just maybe, we're at the precipice.

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2 comments on A white male for president?

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By Kay C on March 09, 2007 at 01:07 pm
Ahhh precious El G, I was waiting for such a response. I'll decline your 'war is the answer' bumper sticker but thank you for thinking of me and my goat:)
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By Kay C on March 12, 2007 at 05:40 pm
One can only hope, as I'd rather be with someone who loves women as opposed to someone who hates them:)
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