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Talk About It - Charlie Sheen's Next Goddess?

Credit: Derek Gavey
I can I get Charlie Sheen to notice me?

I hear Charlie Sheen is looking for another "goddess." How do I get him to notice me?

Dear Talk About It,

I found out from a friend of mine who does exotic dancing that Charlie Sheen is open to bringing in another goddess in his home! I'm so excited I don't know what to do. I have watched all of his shows and all of his recent interviews and think he is so hot! I really want to be with him but I'm having a hard time deciding how I can capture his attention. My girlfriend knows this guy who knows one of Charlie's former bodyguards who can help give him something from me. What should I do?


Hot for Charlie <3


Dear Hot for Charlie,

My first instinct is to tell you to snap out of it! Charlie Sheen has a lot going on in his life. And yes, he does claim that the two women who he says live with him are his 'goddesses.' He says he watched them on video and that's how they were selected to be with him. The type of video I'm talking about is not a runway video but more of a porn video showcasing just how limber these ladies are. Do you have a goal at all for your future besides trying to meet and sleep with Charlie Sheen? Do you realize that sleeping with Charlie Sheen means that you are also sleeping with all of the past people he has slept with as well? Does anyone even know what the head count would be on this?

If this is your only aspiration, I would really encourage you to get another one. How old are you? Have you had the opportunity to finish school or attend a university? What do you enjoy doing most? Why not take a step back and consider investing your time and efforts in something that can last longer than a few days or a month or so. Think of all of the great qualities you have and how you can do something that would make a difference in people's lives. Find your passion that you want to do for a lifetime and consider heading in a direction that's all about what you want for yourself and less about Charlie.

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By Liberal Stupidity on March 08, 2011 at 07:06 pm

You could stand on a building with a machete, and scream about cutting childrens' throats. Since that seems to be his thing, it might catch his attention. Or you could just get a life...

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