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Losing Sheen

a man is losing his mind in front of the world as it laughs and berates him.

Charlie Sheen....You may have your opinions, you may have a name for him, A-hole, jerk, freak, ego maniac...

But, if a man were losing his leg to cancer would you call him those things and shun him? Then why are we ridiculing and laughing at a man losing his mind.

Bipolar disorder is a mental ILLNESS. Mr. Sheen is gravely ill and it will get worse acording to the progression of bipolar disorder. Symptoms of mania are increased self esteem, lack of sleep, increase in sex drive and behaviors, less need for sleep, rapid thoughts and pressured speech. the other side of mania is Depression, upon seeing the severity of Mr. Sheen's mania, it is highly probable that the comparable magnitude of the depression that may follow will be catastrophic, leading Mr. Sheen to a hellish, and I mean HELLISH depression, with possible psychotic features and with high suicidality risk.

bipolar patients are very difficult to treat especcially in the manic phase when they feel absolutely great, invincible, and iconic. As Mr Sheen describes his situation, he is classic in his deranged and hyper speech and ideations of delusional grandeur. He is exhibiting unsafe behavior, and his thoughts are hugely out of proportion and past reality. This man is clearly ill, and in grave danger someone has to step in and find a way to hold him for his own safety and survival, he is in severe danger of losing his life or can hurt another by his delusional thoughts, or psychotic behaviors.

Aside from all that, I find it difficult to see him exploited by sensationalizing his behaviors as a spoiled celebrity and not being treated as a mentaly ill patient who needs care and compassion and someone to step in and see what is happening and prevent him from ruining his life and way to make a living. He is not a sideshow or a baffoon as he is made out to be he is falling apart and losing his right mind right before our eyes. I hope that as a human race we begin to see what is true and not follow what is assumed, that this man is acting out, he is a man losing touch with reality and needs our compassion and help, not our ridicule.

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4 comments on Losing Sheen

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By 'Mean' Mike Duffau on March 06, 2011 at 10:51 am

charlie is known for this...he always has these moments when he's out there, then he'll calm down, then back again...simple.

this stunt works for him...unless he dies.

keep punchin'

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By Lady D on March 07, 2011 at 11:26 am

I can make no judgement as to his mental state. Yet in the spirit of Charlie Harper/ Sheen. he seems to be messing with everybody's mind.

Follow the money and you may be able to see more of the story.

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By 'Mean' Mike Duffau on March 07, 2011 at 05:54 pm

ill drink to that...

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By BusinessLife on March 07, 2011 at 08:05 pm

Charlie Sheen seems to be happy to be in the spotlight. I'm not sure that he is truly being exploited. I find his lifestyle a bit unusual living with two goddesses who he has watched on tape so that he knows what they can do in bed. I suppose it's like a video interview of sorts.

He has the right to live as he likes. I think the only thing that seemed a bit sad was that his children, whether today or a few years from now will have some youtube clips and other unfortunate articles that will chronicle his rise and fall this go round.

His interview with Pierce what's his name, Larry King's replacement was quite brilliant. He allowed Sheen to be Sheen. He didn't seem to push him one way or another. And it was, whether you like him or not, some wild entertainment.

I do hope that whatever might be the situation that causes him to possibly live a very reckless life, will be toned down, treated, fixed or curbed.

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