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What is Creation All About?

Credit: Steve Hartman, my son
Regina Kitty Cat

Why are we alive? The answer is: The Children. I see them growing and wonder about tomorrow. The beginnings of their tomorrows. The endings to our tomorrows.

What is creation about?
Why are we here?
Questions, Questions, more Questions.

The answer is: The Children
Yes, the children.
It is a seed, beginning of a flower.I
It is the kitten, learning to walk and suckle.

Yes, the children. It is the children.
I see them growing and wonder about tomorrow.
I see the pain from mistakes of leaving home
And remember mine.
I see the love and want to give them all I have.

Yes, all the children.
I see their pain and I want to hold them close,
But I know they must learn.
I see their choices and I feel pride
When they are doing their very best.

We are here to share in God's creation,
And assist in the process of creating
Tomorrow and tomorrow through the
Children of our time.

Whether the child is a kitten,
A new sprout breaking through
The earth for the first time or
Our child born in our likeness.

The answer is: The children
The beginnings of their tomorrows.
The endings to our tomorrows.
The beginnings of caring for their children.

Originally written: May 11, 1996

I, like so many others, have asked and pondered
this question. I came up with an interesting answer
that surprised me once I had written it down in my
journal. Even now, after 14 years, I find truth in the
words. They strike a chord of basic truth, one of the
"Ahhh Haa's" I have been searching for.

We will be remembered in the stories of the children
and grandchildren. We will see our handiwork
in full bloom in the way our grandchildren raise and
teach their children.

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By -YumnaU. on February 11, 2011 at 10:54 pm

Written in 1996! Wow. I was 4 years old then. Haha

Loved your thoughts. Everything. Specially,

"The beginnings of their tomorrows.The endings to our tomorrows."

this brings the idea that one generation is passing and the other taking over.

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