Friday, November 16, 2018

Leap of Faith.

We look back on some things in order to look ahead. Sometimes you need to plan ahead to stay present. Either way, tomorrow I plan to be spontaneous.

People don’t like steps.

They like motions, big ones.

They like to take these leaps of faith and remember that their life, the one they all a sudden once had, even if it were just a moment ago, was a bittersweet one, full of nostalgic remorse.

I look back on so many lives, so many phases of mine, it’s hard to remember which one was the real-est. When do we ever pause in our moments and say, now, everything I feel is me, and everything that I have surrounded myself with is the result of that.

I suppose that’s the continuous struggle with life, isn’t it?

That’s the point.

A hand on the neck and knowing someone is looking at you, that’s all, I think we really ask for. When it comes down to it, after all, what is the mountains and the snow, what is a big condo with access to the cliffs, if there isn’t someone to hold your hand when you jump.

I wait all my life not for the jumpers, but the one who doesn’t let go, as we tumble down to the rocks, and shoot for the sea, and our hearts keep pumping, until we hold our breaths, I love the one that holds on, no matter what phase, no matter what life, I plan to change a thousand times more in life, at least to make more than large motions, I count more little steps than big ones.

There are moments, when he looks down at me, and I see his face pause, just that half a second, and I could, oh I could. Fall like leaves to broken cliff lines, and sleep happy as waves gather tumloutous on the rocks. I would change my feathers for fur, my claws for fangs, alter my animal completely, for everything that look says.

Am I reading too far into things?

I get lost in thoughts.

Pause a moment to long, drop on the backnotes and just watch, sometimes uncertain how to let the thoughts fall away and laugh.

This could be nostaligia for a moment just a day old, already wondering if it is lost, forgotten, made up. I suppose the other point in life, is to give up on the knowing.

I think the biggest part of life, of love, if I may be so bold, is the wondering.

And the curious thing is, if you’ve found that hand to hold, all the while you’re wondering, and sooner or later, you realize, you’re living.

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3 comments on Leap of Faith.

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By Deanna Meiresonne on January 31, 2011 at 02:27 pm

thank you! nothing instills the motivation to write like comments from your favorite readers! I have an on-again/off-again love affair with this site I suppose <3

i love the "big leaps" bill.

and yes, I'm in that phase where it's findajobfindajobfindajob that I forget sometimes I'm supposed to be SAVORING this valuable time instead of gunning for a future that will no doubt come too soon.

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By 'Mean' Mike Duffau on January 31, 2011 at 06:32 pm

i leap and take just depends on the mood.

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By Deanna Meiresonne on February 02, 2011 at 12:15 am

to adapt is still to retrospect, each phase is the real-ist one we've known, because we've never known anything like it before...

The biggest problem for me, these days, is trusting the day to stretch out for itself and let the chips fall, because I never had much control over the whole flux and flow anyways, I might as well enjoy the ride.

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