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NFL Championship Games Thoughts

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, January 29, 2011

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The NFL Championship games were a series of half games as far as I could tell.

I have had the flu for the past few days and have spent much of that time in bed sick. I did drag myself out of bed for part of the championship games on Sunday but from what little I saw, I missed little. The Packers and the Steelers won but neither team played to their potential while the Jets and Bears played exactly to their potential.

The Packers had their game well in hand as Jay Cutler exhibited the characteristic he is most known for and why he is so disliked by players and fans - narcissism. Cutler is all about me - not the team. He is not a leader. He is in fact a loser. He will never be a leader, even in games the Bears win. He doesn't have it in him. The Packers took advantage of the fact he did not want to play the game and then he left the game. The Bears second back up was absolutely horrific. The third back up was better than Cutler even before his "injury." And the Packers let this 3rd stringer put up 14 points on them. Just think if he had started the whole game, the Bears might have won. But no, Cutler did his part to make sure the Bears did not win and the Packers held on just enough to make sure they did. Impressive? No. A win? Yes. And the Packers go to the Super Bowl.

The Steelers on the other hand came out strong. They ran over the Jets like a train. They just kept running over them until they had them down 24 to 3 at halftime. The Jets played like they had nothing left after the Pats game. They couldn't tackle. They had no intensity. They looked like Jay Cutler - only as a team. So, the Jets go in at halftime and come out better putting up 19 points to the Steelers 0 second half points. The Steelers just decided 24 was enough and stopped playing apparently. Big Ben had a passer rating of less than all 3 Bears QBs in the second half. But the Steelers won and they go to the Super Bowl.

It's kind of hard to get excited about a Super Bowl with teams that played half games on Sunday. Hopefully, they will get it together and play a whole game on Super Bowl Sunday. If not, maybe everyone can get together for a party at Cutler's house, I hear he's not doing anything, like usual.

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