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NFC Championship Predictions

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Green Bay cheerleader

The Packers are on a train with a full head of steam and the Bears are the next stop.

I know, I really should stop predicting anything given my record thus far in the playoffs. I am currently 2 and 6. That's right, I've gotten 2 games right thus far. Yet, I persist. Maybe it's because I don't like to be wrong and I think if I keep on the odds are I will eventually get something right! Regardless, I am pressing on this time with the NFC Championship game.

The Green Bay Packers are peaking at just the right moment. They found a running game at just the right moment. They found a team in the Falcons that let them run and pass at will. It has to boost their confidence in their team and their QB, who has now in my estimation, moved to the ranks of Manning and Brady. Rogers can put the ball almost anywhere he wants. Up high, down low, it doesn't matter. The Packers are catching the ball all over the field. They are running the ball to open up the passing game. Their defense is fierce. If a team is going to peak, the playoffs are definitely the time to do it. The Packers are on a train that I'm not sure anyone can stop.

The Chicago Bears have found a rhythm they did not have earlier in the season. In fact, their only rhythm early on was watching Cutler get up off the ground. Finally, the offensive line is giving Cutler some time and he has done okay with it. Granted, throwing on the Seahawks is not the same as throwing on the Packers. The Bears defense has played well but they gave up 24 points to the Seahawks last week. The Bears cannot expect to give up 24 to the Packers and win. In the last meeting of the Bears and Packers, the Bears scored 3 points. Cutler threw 2 interceptions and he was sacked 6 times. Cutler was 21 of 39 passing with only 168 yards in the air. The Packers had the Bears number all over the field. Now, the Bears are playing some better, but the Packers are playing at another level all together.

The Bears may play better this game, but it is only 3 weeks removed from the last meeting of these two teams and in that game the Bears were shut down. I look for the Packers to win this game and go the Super Bowl. In my estimation, they are now the team to beat out of the 4 left and the team that most likely won't lose.

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By wildcatsredsfan on January 21, 2011 at 05:39 pm

Yeah I think the Packers will win because of their defense and their surprising running game. The person the Packers have to stop is Devin Hester onm punt returns and kick returns. The Packers will win 27-20 on a game-winning interception return for a touchdown by Tramon Williams as time expires. :)

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By Deborah Horton on January 25, 2011 at 07:42 am

The Packers won because Cutler isn't a leader....poor Bears

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