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The Angel Inside Us All

by Paul Wylie (writer), , January 17, 2011

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Are there truly angels among us?

Every Day People We Sometimes Dismiss, May Be Your Guardian Angel

Bright flashing lights and sirens accompany screeching tires that turn into the emergency room driveway, the angels that dedicate their lives to the saving of others never stopping for one moment in their endeavor to save the one they now bring to other angels inside the hospital itself.

A warm smile, as the eyes of another angel looks deep into yours as the gurney rushes down hallways, he or she reassuring you that all will be well, don't you worry now. A doctor's hands probing and prodding, diagnosing the problem. Firm but gentle hands, all working in tandem, they lift you onto yet another table in order to operate upon your helpless body, all can be said to be the hands of the angels that will do everything in their power to make sure that your life doesn't slip away.

Shots ring out like thunder inside a local bank, and another angel falls to the ground, his chosen profession brought him to use his body to shield you from the madman with a gun. His brother and sister angels rush forward into the fray to disarm the person who would do you harm, never giving a thought to their own safety, nor the fact that they themselves may be killed trying to save you and the others around you. Likewise, the worker that volunteers their time in the shelters and the soup kitchens, in order to try to give comfort to those unfortunates, must surely be called by a higher power, thus making them angels too, don't you think?

The helicopter blades spinning overhead while you cling desperately to the broken shards of the boat you were fishing in must seem like the wings of the angels, while smaller angels drop into the churning waters, swimming their way towards you in order to bring you back to dry land, will change your perspective on the reality of angels as fast as the winds that whip up the waves of the water you are being plucked out of.

Our soldiers push further into the kill zone, mortar shells and rockets' glare lighting the night sky and dismembering broken figures whose only desire was to keep you safe in your bed tonight, the lifeless forms scattered across the battle ground were truly guardian angels to an entire nation, one that all too often disregards the sacrifices made by brave souls who stand watch and guard the walls in order to allow us to live in safety.

We see the angel's faces every day on our way to and from work. These are the ones that stop to drop a dollar or two into the outstretched hands of the poor and the homeless, other angels themselves, who are there to remind us all of just how bad it can be, and make us feel thankful that the person sitting on that street corner is not us or our family.

Screams resound loudly through the flames of a burning apartment building, thick smoke making it all but impossible to see the source. All one can tell from the ground outside is that this is a child in danger, but what does one do? The answer pulls up a second after these thoughts, in the form of bright red trucks. Hoses stream across the ground instantly, water spraying upwards, as another angel with a helmet and respirator rushes headlong into the conflagration, not heeding his own safety for one second in the attempt to reach the place where the trapped child is. Finding the baby, and ignoring the searing pain that comes from the burning flesh on his body, he leaps out of the window, shielding the child, and lands with a thump in the courtyard below. All rush to the fallen angel's side, lifting the child gingerly, to find that the little one is just fine, but the fireman's injuries are severe and will take many months to heal.

Or even as our day disintegrates into chaos, work pressures seeming to destroy any measure of happiness, and all seems to be little more than doom and gloom, we make our way home. Grumbling and angry, the only thought is a tall stiff drink, and some dinner, then bed. That is until the voice of the littlest angel of all wafts up to you through the filth that the world has thrown at you today saying "I love you Mommy/Daddy", and everything you just felt melts into nothing, and your heart breaks open with love. You scoop this angel into your arms and thank whatever God you believe in for the goodness in your life and for sending you an angel in your true time of need.

There are many many other angels that we usually don't see, but they are there, watching over us, protecting us, keeping us out of harm's way. All we have to do is open our eyes and we'll see them and the good works they do every moment of every day right in front of our faces, and perhaps, just perhaps, we'll desire to join their ranks and become one of the angels ourselves. Because despite the cruelty of the world, and all of it's hardships, we all have the potential to be like the angels, to help to ease in any small way the suffering of others, to change the world into a better place, and to tap into the energy of the angel that resides in us all.

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