Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Date Whether You Want One Or Not

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Gotham Dating Partners intends to use public Internet information to create over 640 million new profiles for non-registered users.

Gotham Dating Partners, an online dating site with outlets such as Dons and Divas and Marry Me First, intends to use public information on sites such as Facebook to create new dating profiles for non-registered users. The company, established in January 2010 in New York, by Aaron Fraser currently has over 6 million registered users. The company is the parent of online footwear company LeBron Jordan, which earlier this year faced potential trademark infringement concerns.

The company plans to use any and all public information it can gather to create around 340 new dating profiles for NON-REGISTERED users. If you have a Facebook page and you have not bothered to investigate the privacy settings or you haven't cared to put any in place, all that information will be considered public domain and used to create a profile for you that is open to sites like the aforementioned Dons and Divas, Marry Me First, Prison Hookup, and Ugly People Date. The company plans to use information on social networking sites, e-mail registries, mailing lists, marketing surveys, government census records, real estate listings and business websites to create their brand new non-registered user dating profiles. The company claims they want to be a "public information source" and not just a dating site.

The company has said that they do not expect any issues over privacy concerns. They said they plan to use only information that is in the public domain to create their new users lists. The company's marketing vice president Damon Jordan said, "Wherever we can extract information about you, we will, as long as it's in the public domain." So if your Facebook page is open to the public it will be open to this site and if you start receiving messages from someone at Prison Hookup this will be a probable reason. The only way for someone to delete themselves from their profile database after they are entered would be to log in, submit their info, and then delete their profile.

Questions are already being raised about privacy issues involving this type of information collection, but it is up to the individual user of any site such as Facebook, MySpace, anywhere they put their personal information to find the privacy policy of the site and read it completely and thoroughly and to understand how and where their information may be used and to also find out how to modify their privacy settings. Facebook has come under a lot of scrutiny over their privacy policies, but they are absolutely up front with what they are doing with the info and how you can stop it, people just have to take the time to read. If you don't you could find yourself with a dating profile on Ugly People Date and you won't even know it.

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