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Is Bank of America jeopardizing our national security?

by Amo (writer), New York, March 05, 2007

How else does one explain the alarming and dangerous policy by this powerful financial institution? I’ve heard some on the far left argue that this policy is nothing more then helping “immigrants” access a tiny bit of the “American Dream”. Of course they “left” out the key ingredient in this equation, and that is that Bank of America’s new credit card policy is purposely marketing and targeting its promotions to “illegal’s”…people breaking the law.

Imagine a banking institution, that I assume is regulated by the federal banking industry knowingly encouraging, breaking the law of the land. Giving out credit cards to undocumented and dare I say again, “illegals”. No Social Security number, no driver’s license, no passport…nothing, zip, zero. Of course Bank of America has been extremely vague, as to how one identifies a customer. Do they need to show US residency?

And if so isn’t Bank of America aiding and abiding in a criminal act, by the very nature of their actions? And what of criminal acts that have been or may be committed by illegal’s using funds provided by Bank of America to perhaps fund illegal activities or worse yet acts of terrorism? Does Bank of America bare any liability?

Our friends on the left may argue that anyone can break the law, documented or not, and of course that’s true, they may also point out that many illegals have already established residency, and perhaps have lived in this country for many years and that may also be true. However, I can also assume with some certainty that there are US Citizens that drive with suspended licenses, and I would also imagine that there’s a far amount that have not paid court ordered child support payments to their children.

My point is simply this we live in a society where we’ve created and enacted rules of law for the betterment of mankind; and elect officials to protect those institutions that we the populace have deemed necessary. If certain laws need to be revised, changed or even eliminated, there’s a process that’s been in place since the founding of this country, to do just that.

Native born, legal and undocumented aliens can all break the law; however the fundamental difference between these groups is that with the undocumented alien the law has already been broken.

Our friends on the left may again argue that the law itself discriminates, and my question then would be, against whom? The legal alien who’s willingly going through the process, to be documented, and hopefully becoming an American Citizen, the key word being “hopefully” why because simply put documentation weeds out the criminal eliminate within our society and I would hopefully (fingers crossed) assume that our friends on the left would agree, that…that’s a good thing.

So far the only requirement that Bank of America is willing to share with the media and more importantly with its customers, is that all one needs to do is have a checking account for 6-months, and not be overdrawn.

In this post 9/11 world that isn’t good enough. Perhaps Bank of America should hear from millions of citizens and more importantly from its “documented customers”.

Several months ago there were large demonstrations around the country, both in support and in opposition to the immigration issue. I was astounded to see elected public officials marching in support and encouraging “illegals” from other countries to continue breaking the very laws they themselves have sworn to defend and protect.

This is not a civil rights issue, but rather a national security issue; it strikes at the very core of our existence. All one needs to do is remind themselves of that faithful day in 2001 and realize that the world we live in has changed, no longer are we protected by friendly neighbors to the north and south, or oceans, to the east and west.

It seems ironic that on that September morn, the evil doers sought to cripple us in the very financial institutions, that Bank of America now seems oblivious too. In five short years they’ve forgotten, how nine undocumented aliens where able to use our own lack of awareness and security against us, murdering over 3,000 innocent civilians, and changing forever the landscape and mindset of a free nation and an incredible city.

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3 comments on Is Bank of America jeopardizing our national security?

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By Ariel on March 05, 2007 at 03:19 pm
Interesting article but I have a couple of questions: - what kind of credit cards are given to these "illegal aliens"? BOA has something called "Secure Credit Card" that they give to foreigners. - Do you have figures regarding this problem?
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By Annonymous on March 06, 2007 at 04:43 am
You can get a bank account and credit card from any country; what's the connection to national security? And since when do terrorists operate out of Mexico?
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By Amo on March 06, 2007 at 09:59 am
Good morning Ariel, I believe that no bank credit cards are given to “anyone” in this country, without proper identification, I also believe that the program by BOA for a secured card, for “foreigners” or for that matter anyone with a questionable credit history, is just that “secured”. In some cases the person getting the secured card puts their own funds into an account, the bank will then provide you with a card, the funds are yours and are secured, in some cases the bank may opt to add additional funds, if they feel you’re credit worthy. However PROPER ID is still required, in the form of a Social Security Card, license, etc, etc. Here is additional information on this NEW YORK — Bank of America Corp. has begun offering credit cards to customers without Social Security numbers, typically illegal immigrants, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. The new Bank of America card is open to people who lack both a Social Security number and a credit history, as long as they have held a checking account with the bank for three months without an overdraft, the Journal said. Bank of America tested the program last year at five branches in Los Angeles, and last week expanded it to 51 branches in Los Angeles County, home to the largest concentration of illegal immigrants in the U.S., the Journal said. A Bank of America spokesman was not immediately available to comment. Dear Anonymous, You’re correct you can get a bank credit card from almost any country on earth, and I would imagine you need to provide the bank with proper identification, as to who you are. I’m not sure what your point is, are you suggesting that no one should provide identification? Have you ever tried to rent out a movie from Blockbusters without ID? Better still try and rent out a car without a license. You’re second question leaves me puzzled, again are you suggesting that identifying who someone is and national security issues aren’t related? As for your third question, I’m sorry I can’t answer that, because I have no knowledge if it’s accurate or not, however based on your question, and recent history...can we afford to find out? Amo
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